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Allwest Help session Friday 1/11 and Allwest reminders

There will be an Allwest help session Friday after school until 4.  This will be your last chance to get help from Mrs. Sanders and with each other.  
Make sure instruments are taken home on Friday for auditions!
On Saturday, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get there, park, and warmup..... I would leave at least an hour before your audition time.  Dress comfortably.  Bring music and wire stand if you want to.  Make sure instrument is in good playing condition (extra reeds for woodwinds).  Go to the registration table 10 minutes before your assigned time.   Read the Allwest letter with all of the reminders and tips.  You have been working sooooo hard and I am sooooo proud of you!
Mrs. Sanders


Yearbook pictures will be Friday morning 1/11.  Please wear this year's band t-shirt.  Students not wearing shirt will not be in the picture.
Mrs. Sanders

Memphis Area Honor Band

If any student wants to attend the Memphis Area Honor Band, I need the following form signed and returned by tomorrow 1/11 so that I can give Overton a head count.  Mrs. Sanders will be in UT Martin with students and will not be there but will try to help you coordinate carpools.
Angela Sanders

Another correction for booster meeting - sorry :(

The band booster meeting will now be Monday Jan. 14 at 6:30 in the band room.  We didn't realize there was a high school band booster meeting on Tuesday 1/15 and several of our band families have students in both groups.  Thank you for being understanding and flexible.  Please come out and get some important information.  Thanks!
Angela Sanders

Correction for Booster Meeting - It's 1/15

The band booster meeting should be 1/15 at 6:30 and not 1/8 (tonight) at 6:30 in the band room.   I'm sorry for that error.  Please make an attempt to come and get important information.  Students will be getting January and February calendars in class today.
Mrs. S.

Memphis Area Honor Band memo

If anyone is interested in the Memphis Area Honor Band at Overton High School Jan. 24-26, This is available for 6th,7th, and 8th graders.   I will need the attached commitment form no later than this Friday, 1/11.  I must have drivers and chaperones for this event. Hopefully we will have some kids participate in this experience!
Mrs. Sanders

Announcement for 1/7 week

Happy new year!  Winter break has come to a close and I hope that you all were able to spend some time relaxing and with family.  We several activities that are happening in January.  Please pay close attention to the calendar.  We will have a band booster meeting on Tuesday, January 15th at 6:00pm in the band room.  Please make plans to attend.  Important information will be discussed concerning upcoming spring trip for honor band and jazz band members.  If you have not paid your honor band or jazz band fees these are now overdue.  If you also have not paid your spring trip deposit, this is also now overdue.  Please make sure that we have them no later then next Tuesday night so we can make final plans for the trip.  
Monday - Honor Band - 2:15 - 4pm
Tuesday - All-West help session - 6:00am
              - Jazz Band - 2:15 - 4pm
Wednesday - All-West help session - 6:00am
           - Honor Band - 2:15 - 4pm
Thursday - All-West help session - 6:00am
Friday - All-West help session - 2:15 - 4pm
          - Yearbook photos will be taken during school.  Band students must wear their black band                  shirt in order to be in the photo. 
Saturday - All-West TN band auditions - Arlington High School - Please see the All-West letter and audition times on Mrs. Sanders web page.  

Honor Band List Revised 20182019

Here is the revised Appling Honor Band list.  We will have rehearsal Monday and Wednesday next week and start working on new music for concert festival. Can't wait to hear our new group!
Mrs. Sanders
Please take a listen on and/or do a search under Find Music on Smart Music to listen to these new tunes that have been ordered so that we can get a head start:
Foiled Again
Into the Arctic
March Diabolique
Mad Dash
The Rowan Tree
St. Petersburg March
The Lost Temple
Two British Folk Songs
The Witch and the Saint

2019 All-West audition letter

I hope everyone is having a wonderful break and had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Hopefully you have been practicing some!  If not, let's get back in the routine and practice daily.   Our 7th and 8th grade students and some of our 6th graders have auditions next Saturday January 12 at Arlington High School.  I have attached a very detailed letter and your assigned audition times are posted chronologically at the bottom.  I will also post in a separate post alphabetically.  Please take advantage of all of the help sessions next week (Tues-Thurs. mornings and Fri afternoon) and using Smart Music and SightReading Factory as tools to help you.  I was hearings some very good things before the break and let's push through and have lots of kids accepted into this highest honor!  If you have any questions, please email me at  
Mrs. Sanders

Reminders for the Holiday Concert

Our holiday concert is this Monday 12/10 at 6:30 pm at New Hope Christian Church (corner of Whitten and Yale Road in Bartlett).  Students need to be seated by 6:00 pm.  The dress is concert black which is black bottoms (pants or girls may wear a skirt - appropriate length), white shirt (guys need to wear a tie - any color or kind and holiday ties are fine), and black shoes/socks.  You may wear Santa hats if you wish.   Please leave cases in your car.  Bring all music and supplies.  
We need parent help in the following areas if you are able and available:
1.  Loading equipment at Appling - meet in band room at 5:20 to take percussion equipment and stands or at New Hope at 5:50 to unload and also help take back afterwars
2.  Set up/changing set crew
3.  Student Monitoring during performance (6th grade parents sit with 6th grade, 7th grade with 7th, and 8th with 8th).  Students are expected to be quiet and respectful during performance, no playing on phones, writing notes, getting up and down from seat, etc....... All students deserve respect. 
Please email me at if you can help.  Thanks so much!
The kids have worked really hard and I'm looking forward to a wonderful performance!
Mrs. Sanders

Week of 12/3/18

We are one week away from our holiday concert!  The concert is next Monday night 12/10 at 6:30 pm at New Hope Christian Church (corner of Whitten and Yale) and students are to be there by 6 pm dressed in their concert attire - black bottoms, white shirt (guys wear a tie.... any color or kind), and black shoes/socks (or the darkest you have).  Santa hats are optional.  We will need parent help in these areas:  Equipment transportation meet at Appling at 5:20 if you have a truck, van, SUV, trailer, etc....., setup/tear down crew, and student monitoring.  Please email Mrs. Sanders at if you can help.  
After school rehearsal schedule this week"
Monday - Jazz Band
Tuesday - 7th grade required rehearsal
Wednesday - 6th grade required rehearsal
Friday - Honor Band
All groups are working on fine tuning music for the concert and working on problem areas and doing run throughs.  Sixth grade has two of their songs on Smart Music that are due 12/10 and there are six excerpts due..... submit your best.  6th grade will also be working on the #54-58 section in their book which is full band arrangements.  Seventh grade will be working on #50 section in their book learning about 16th notes and will learn the B scale this week and reviewing other scales.  We will continue to work to learn 2 octave scales.  Eighth grade will be working on the #66 section in their book and also learning the B scale and reviewing other scales.  Both 7th and 8th grade will work with Sight-reading Factory in class to review sightrewading for Allwest TN Band Auditions.
All-West TN Band audition registration deadline is this Wednesday and I will be registering all 7th and 8th grade non-beginners.  Please let me know if you are a beginner and would like to audition.
Poiinsettia delivery is this Tuesday 12/4 from 2:30-4:30.  
Smart Music deadlines are next Monday 12/10 (6th grade concert songs) and next Saturday 12/15 for 6th grade book songs and for all 7th and 8th grade.  Please spend time on these and submit your best.  
Have a great week!  Work hard!
Mrs. Sanders