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Announcements fo Nov. 30-Dec. 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Hopefully you had time to practice a little bit and if not, please practice to prepare for this week.  There are no new assignments due Sunday 11/29 like there usually is, but if you are not caught up on past assignments or want to get ahead for next week, please complete these.  You have assignments due Sunday Dec. 6 and I really need you to complete them asap.
I was considering having an after school practice for the combined 7th and 8th grade band and hold it outside since we do not have room to have them all practice safely inside.  I was looking at the weather and it looks to be pretty cold this week, so that will not happen.  We will only have a chance to play together right before the concert starts on December. 8..... should be interesting :).
Schedule for the week:
We will have brass/percussion help session geared toward helping for All-West auditions on Monday November 30 after school until 4, Jazz Band Tuesday Dec. 1 until 4, and Honor Band Wednesday Dec. 2 until 4.  
Jazz band and honor band will be performing in the City of Bartlett Reverse Christmas parade this Saturday December 5.  I will need help at the school at 2:30 loading chairs, stands, drum set, keyboards, and amp. Please have your parent email me if they can help.   I will need everyone else there at Freeman Park at 3:15.  The dress is "anything Christmasy".... but dress warmly.    We will perform 4-6.  The parade will take place in the parking lot area behind the Veteran's Park off of Bartlett Rd.  I do not know our number or exact location yet but have heard we will be in a "grassy area" so we can spread out some.  Please bring your stand light if you raised your hand that you had one.  I have a source to borrow some but won't have enough.  I did find access to a generator though.... so yay!
6th and jazz band will have their holiday concert Monday December 7 at 7 pm and 7th/8th combined band and honor band will have their concert on Tuesday December 8 at 7:30 pm.... both at the Bartlett High School auditorium.  I will need students there seated ready for warmup/dress rehearsal 30 minutes before performance time.   Dress is black bottoms, white top (guys wear a tie), black shoes and socks (or darkest you have), and Santa hats are optional.  Please park in the back parking lot off of Blackwell and leave cases in your car.  We are limitied to two guests per student, taking temperature checks at the door, and distancing the audience.  
I am really excited for the students to be able to perform!  You have worked hard and we have to really push this week to get ready!
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Sanders

Announcement/Reminder 9/25

Hey guys!  Just wanted to remind you about the assignments you have due this Sunday 9/27:


6th grade – Smart Music #25 Lightly Row, Flipgrid #29 Remix  and 31 Twinkle (remember I extended the deadline for this one until Wednesday because I was absent yesterday afternoon…. But try to get in by Sunday please), and Edpuzzle on note values and rhythms


7th grade – Smart Music  - Habits book 3-9b (counting eighth notes and rests…. Watch the key), FlipGrid on #167 O Cananda, and Edpuzzle on John Philip Sousa


7th grade beginners – Smart Music #44 O Susanna, Flipgrid on #38 Jingle Bells and #45 William Tell (with dynamics), and Edpuzzle on John Philip Sousa


8th graders – Smart Music - #150 Semper Fedilis, Flipgrid on #27 Loch Lomand and #129 Can Can (tempo changes), and Edpuzzle on John Philip Sousa



Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Let me know if you need anything!


P.S.  8th grade needs their Essential Tecnique book 3 next week  and 7th grade will need the Essential Elements Book 2 the week of 10/5


Mrs. Sanders


Updates for 8/31 Week

Hi everyone!  Welcome to week 3!  I sent an email out to students and parents yesterday stating that I was a little disappointed in the way some students were not turning in all assignments from last week.  Last week students should have submitted their care and maintenance quiz on curve, FlipGrid Introduction video from the first week,  FlipGrid assignment video from last week, and smart music assignments (6th grade had two songs and 7th and 8th had three songs).  Let's make sure we get those in asap so I can change some zeros in PowerSchool.
This is what is going on this week for each grade:
6th grade - Learning next two notes on #7 and 9 so that we will have learned the first five notes.  We are working on note reading because they will take away letter names after #10.  Our goal is to get up through #14 in the book and also start on the Fundamentals for Band #1 sheet and Beginner Band tune sheet.
7th grade - We also received Fundamentals for Band #1 sheet and are working on some of the Rubank scale exercises from the back of book one..... working on Bb and Ab sets this week.  Percussion are reviewing som snare exercises with those Rubank sets.   We will learn/review Ab scale, continue to review slurs, accidentals, and D.C. al Fine from last week, review intervals, learn/review the dotted quarter/eighth note pattern, and review lip slurs for brass, and review break notes for clarinets.   Check Curve for specific exercises in the book to practice because we are skipping around some.
8th grade - We will continue the Young Ensemble Warmups, review chromatic scale and enharmonic tones (working to learn an octave and a half chromatic), reviewing the sixteenth note patterns of 2 16th/8th note and dotted eighth/16th note.  We will be doing a lot of rhythm reviews with 16th notes on scale patterns and also sightread with 16th note patterns in the Habits book.  I hope to use sight-reading factory to sightread, work on March Zuma from last year, and perhaps sightread new music.
Assignments due by Sunday 9/6:
6th grade - Smart Music #11 and 12, FlipGrid video -  #13 (sing on letters and perform) and #14.  Extra Credit - perform the "Connect the Notes" section on the Fundamentals for Band
7th grade - Smart Music #106, 112, and 125.  FlipGrid video  - Ab scale, #114, and 127 or 129 (can do both for extra credit)
7th grade beginners - Smart Music #14, 17, 18.  FlipGrid video m.20-47 on the Foundation Warmups #1.  Extra Credit - Play something from your Beginner Band Tune sheet
8th grade - Smart Music #80 and 85 and Habits book Rhythm 32b,  FlipGrid video - chromatic scale in 1 1/2 octaves, #91, and #128 or 133 (can do both for extra credit)

Updates for 8/24 week

All of the information is on Curve but I did send this email out to the students with some updates......


Ok…… I went in and put the assignments in again under the new Smart Music class that should say something like 2020/2021 6th grade 5th period, 2020/2021 6th grade 6th period, etc…..    Follow the instruction email I just sent out and join the class.  Your assignment songs are due by Sunday night –

6th grade - #4 and 6

7th grade - #63, 97, and Habits Sight Reading Exercise #1 (but can have multiple attempts)

8th grade – Scottish Bobber exerpt, #22, and Habits Sight Reading #50 (but can have multiple attempts).


My three 7th/8th grade beginners….. You will do #6, 8, 12.  I need to move you faster than the 6th graders but you aren’t ready for your grade level yet.  Please join both classes and try to stay on top of what we do in your grade level as well.


Also…… several of you still haven’t done your Introduction FlipGrids from last week.  Do them….. please!  I’ve enjoyed watching you and want to see EVERYONE!


6th graders have a FlipGrid assigned due Sunday….. you probably don’t totally know how to do it until I finish the week on Thursday….. so you may want to wait on it until later in the week or the weekend.

6th graders and beginners….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch the videos that I uploaded to Curve.  It took me forever and I took the time to do that because I want to help you.  Good information there.

7th and 8th graders…. You will have a FlipGrid assignment due Sunday…. Hope to post it tomorrow.  It will be something relatively easy…. Probably one song from book  that we have done in class this week along with a scale. 


All band students have a care and maintenance quiz on Curve…. It is ten questions and VERY VERY EASY……. Just do it.  Thanks 😊


Only ten of our band students have set up Essential Elements Interactive and connected with my class.  Please set up your account at  You will not have a student id #..... leave that part blank.  The student activation code should be in the front of your book.  Where it says join a class on the lefthand side after you have set it up, please put in this school code – ApplingMidBand83.  I will not put an assignment on there this week but will be using that…. Especially with 6th graders.


Zoom meeting schedule – I will send out the links in a separate email.

6th grade – Tuesdays 9:30-10:15 (had our first one today), Wednesdays 9:30-10:15, and Friday 8:15-9:00

7th grade – Thursday 9:30-10:15 and Friday 9-9:45

8th grade – Monday 12-12:45 (sorry I missed yesterday…. Was out of town) and Friday 9:45-10:15


Virtual kids……. It is your responsibility to stay on top of the songs that we are doing in class (listed in the agenda) and come to the zoom meetings and to turn in your assignments.  I can’t grade you on participation unless you come to the zoom meetings.  Be ready to play with your instrument and book (and scale sheet/warm ups for 7thand 8th graders).  I will remind you in the zoom invite what to have out and ready.  We won’t have much time and I want to try to make this work…. As weird as it is.


I think that is all for now.  Please let me know If you have questions or having trouble with something.


MRs. S.









I'm sorry it has taken so long to update.  I will repost again on Friday, so keep practicing to see if you can move up on the board or make the board.  Proud of you and miss you guys!
Mrs. S.

MAPS Next Year

MAPS classes next school year:

  • Please join the AMS band again next year!
  • Upcoming 7th and 8th graders should fill out their online registration form for their 2020-2021 MAPS choice.  If you were in band last year, just put what you play now as your first and only choice is fine.  For those wishing to change instruments, you must discuss and clear that with me first.  Remember that if you keep changing instruments, you have to backtrack and relearn things and it is harder, but doable.  
  • I’m sorry we are missing band events due to the school closure and that we are all disappointed. Please know that I cannot wait to see you and play as a band together again! We were already playing so well this year and having so much fun! 
  • I can already see the potential for next year. Please register online for band as your MAPS class. Get your friends to join too!  We do have beginners that join late and it is harder for them because most have played before, but it is definitely doable and we will help you!
  • There are SOOOOO many possibilities for the future in band even past middle school. Possibilities for friendships and memories, building leadership and teamwork skills which will help you in the workforce and in life, and learning how to play an instrument and read music which you can carry with you the rest of your life.  Appling feeds into Bartlett High which has an incredible band program and then beyond that there are so many possibilities for college scholarships through playing a musical instrument.  
  • If you have any questions about instruments next year or anything, please send me an email to  You are awesome musicians that I definitely want to continue in future musical performances and endeavors.

Amro Online Solo Festival

Another Possible Music Opportunity – Due April 15th to Amro Music

We were so bummed about having to cancel our Annual Spring Keyboard Festival this year that we decided to host an online music festival!  This will be a fun opportunity to show everyone what you’ve been practicing while you’ve been at home these last few weeks.


  • This festival is open to all piano, band, and orchestra students ages 18 and under.
  • Only one submission per student is allowed.
  • There are no rules or restrictions on what to perform.
  • This festival is purely to spread the joy of making music!


To submit:

  • Post your performance (or your child’s performance) on Facebook.
  • Like Amro Musicon Facebook.
  • Tag @AmroMusic and your music teacherin your post.


  • Teachers will receive a $5 credit on their Amro account or school account for each of their students that enter.
  • Each student submission will be entered to win one of three $50 gift cards.
  • There will be one band, one orchestra, and one piano student selected at random to win the gift cards.


Submissions must be received by midnight on April 15, 2020 to be eligible for the gift card drawing!

We can’t wait to see your performances!


Great job students!  I am hearing more of you participate in the challenge!  I would love for you to make a challenge yourself to try to submit at least one or two things a day this week... of course more would be better.  I put new stuff up all the time so please keep checking it.... some easier and some harder, some worth more points than others.  I just want you to keep practicing during this break and try to better yourselves.  I am proud of you and I miss you so much!
Mrs. S.

SmartMusic Challenge

Good morning!

As many of you have seen, the district's Remote Learning Opportunity page went live today.  Here is the link:

As all bands 6-12 are doing this challenge, we chose to make the pdf explanation very concise and flexible.  Here are additional instructions for the challenge:

  • Opportunities (dubbed Assignments in SmartMusic) can be done at the student's leisure.
  • They can choose to do some or all of the Opportunities.
  • There is no real "due date".  I will total up every student's points at the end of the week then feature the Top 10 students.
  • I will continually update SmartMusic with more assignments.  Don't stop if and when you complete what's on there, because there will be more to do later.  As I find new things to benefit you, I am putting them there for you. 
  • Feel free to explore SmartMusic on your own!  If you would like me to assign something for you to get more points, feel free to shoot me an email!

Thanks!  I'll be in touch, and feel free to shoot me an email anytime you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat!

Stay safe and healthy!

Angela Sanders