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Excited to show off our band students at our spring concert Tuesday night May 10 at 6:30.  Band students should be there at 6 and leave cases in the car.  Dress is gray polo, black pants, and black socks and shoes.  

Solo and Ensemble 2022Letter

Important information about Solo/Ensemble Festival this Saturday April 2 at Elmore Park Middle.  Practice practice...... see you at 9:45 Saturday!
Don't forgot your judge's copy!
Also..... I will have a help session after school on Friday until 3:30 if anyone needs help or a time and a place to practice or practice with ensemble partners!  But I must leave promptly to get to an appt by 4.
Mrs. S.

Map of Allwest auditions/Reminders

Here is a map so that you will know where to park and which entrance to go in. Reminder - parents can NOT go in with their child.  You are encouraged to wear a mask when not playing.  Dress comfortably.... school clothes are fine.  Students may want to bring a portable music stand if they have one for the warmup area along with instrument and music.  Bring an extra reed (that's broken in) with you just in case (woodwinds).  Percussionists can bring snare and bells for warmup area but do not need to bring to the audition area... just sticks and xylophone and timpani mallets along with music.  Warmup slowly and carefully.  Report to the registration table at least 10 minutes before your assigned audition time.  You may try to perform early but you cannot perform late.  Students are to exit the building as soon as they are finished with their audition.  Mrs. Sanders has been assigned to work at the Sr. High registration table for this event, so she may not be able to see you, but please come find her if there is an emergency.  Mrs. Sanders will call those individuals that have made All-West when she finds out results and you can also keep checking the webpage.  She will have score sheets on Tuesday.  Good luck to everyone...... SOOOOOO proud of you!!!!

Memphis Area Honor Band Info

If you are interested in this honor band at Overton High, please have your parent email me at and send in a $25 check payable to Appling Band.  This would be a good opportunity to have a local honor band weekend experience - auditioning, working on 3-4 pieces of music over the course of several days and then putting on a concert..... all while meeting students from other schools and learning from a different conductor.  This would also look good on scholarship applications down the road.  
Our 8th graders will be involved with their BCS all district event on Thursday 1/20 and can't participate and I won't be able to join you until  Friday 1/21, so if you do participate, parents will have to transport/carpool on Thursday.  See the attached information and schedule of events and let me know by Friday 1/7 so that I can help coordinate everything.  
Mrs. Sanders

UT Martin Honor Band

If any 7th/8th grade band member is interested in applying for the UT Martin Honor Band, please see the info below.  This will be a 3 day event January 27-29 and acceptance is based on student application and director recommendation.  You will need to fill out all of the registration information by Dec. 3 (preferably before you come back on Nov. 29 so that I can do my part) and then you will be notified of acceptance before we leave for the holidays and we will start to make arrangements.  If accepted, there will be a $45 registration fee and the cost of hotel for 2 nights divided amongst the students going and I will need parent help with transportation.  
This is pretty competitive (only one middle school band but three high school groups) but would look WONDERFUL on a college scholarship application and would be a great learning experience.  Please click on this link for more information and links to register.  If you need my email address it is: 

Application Process – NEW Software – Please read!

UTM Has moved to a new form software (Dynamic Forms). The process will have all the same components but anyone who fills out an application (director or student) will need to create an account first.  This process is free and simple. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the link to the
  2. Create a new account – need an email address
  3. Follow the prompts, log in, complete, and submit the form
  4. Directors can still submit applications for all their students (if that is what you have done in the past). This may be the easiest option. 

Once the application is submitted, two emails will be generated – one to the parent/guardian with a link to a publicity release form and one to the director with a link to a short recommendation form, which will also be submitted electronically. Directors and parents will need to scroll through the form to their page. Directors: your recommendation information will not be visible to students and parents. The deadline to submit applications by will be Friday, December 3, 2021 at midnight

COVID-19 Protocols

We have been given approval to host our event again this year but will be using the following protocols for the event:

  • -  Masks are encouraged but not required for all participants (musicians, directors, chaperones, parents, guest conductors, etc.) are required wear masks when inside any UTM buildings

  • -  Playing masks will be provided for all wind players who would like them, but musicians are not required to wear them

  • -  Bell covers w/ MERV 13 fabric will be provided and used for all wind instruments.

  • -  Rehearsal breaks will be taken (as normally scheduled) and the rooms will be cleared to allow for

    the mitigation of aerosols

  • -  Extra air purification devices will be in each rehearsal and performance space.

  • -  Concert attendance will be limited to 95 audience members in the Fulton Theatre with an

    overflow of 95 in the Blankenship Recital Hall (watching a live feed)

Timpani Allwest video

Use this as a tool to help you learn your timpani music. The snare and xylophone parts should be on Smart Music as a tool but there wasn't timpani. This may not be perfect but should have the right idea on notes and rhythm, dynamics, sticking and accents. Please do your best on these and practice all 3 instruments. You will need to know the prepared pieces for all three instruments and be prepared to sightread on all three. Also you will need to perform your chromatic scale plus they will pick two of these 8 scales - C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D, and A.