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Beginner Band Information

Thank you for your interest in the Appling Band!

Appling Middle School Band


Come join us…….. One of the largest and most successful groups in town!  On this team EVERYBODY PLAYS!


Who we are……….

We are one of the largest organizations on campus.

We are students looking for a place to showcase our abilities, to be appreciated for our hard work, to learn something we’ve never done before, and to have TONS of fun in the process.

We are starting on our paths to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, professional athletes, and anything else we want to be. 

We are the largest group of friends you could ever have in middle school.

We are You!!!!!!!!!

We are the Appling Middle School Band – Be One of Us!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does it cost a lot to be in band?  The main cost is the instrument.  However there are low-cost options for getting an instrument either from Bartlett Music Academy, Academy of Percussion and Instrumental Arts, Amro, etc….. The school has some instruments (mostly larger/more unique ones) to check out for a small annual fee.  Think of this as an investment in your future.  Most of our Appling students that stay with band through high school end up getting college paid for through music scholarships and some even end up going for free and making spending money.  There is a $125 annual band fee that will include the cost of a band t-shirt, Smart Music computer software, sheet music, transportation expenses, concert expenses, school instrument expenses, end of the year awards, All-West TN band audition registration, and Solo/Ensemble Festival registration.  Please do not let financial concerns keep your child from joining…… we can always find a solution!


How much time outside of school is required?  NOT MUCH.  For a 6th grader, the requirement for home practice is less than 2 hours per week.  As in any activity, the more you practice, the better you will be.  There are only 4-6 required full band rehearsals throughout the school year and 3 concerts (October Meet the Band Night, December Holiday concert, and May Spring concert).


Will band get in the way of making good grades?  NOT LIKELY.  While the amount of hard work toward classes is determined by each individual, over the years we have found the majority of students in band actually do better in all of their other classes.  Band helps create habits of excellence such as work ethic, determination, and teamwork that carry over to a multitude of other activities.


Does a student need to have prior band or other musical experience?  NO.  While a background in piano or similar instrument can be helpful to a student’s understanding of musical concepts, it is NOIT necessary to have prior knowledge or training.. Most of the students in the Appling Band have no prior music training outside regular elementary music.  Mrs. Sanders will teach you everything you need to know.


Is it possible to be in BAND as well as sports, dance, church activities, etc….?. YES!!!!!  Many of our kids are involved in all sorts of extra-curricular activityies and learn to manage their time.  It is so important to explore your talents and to be a well-balanced individual.  It is okay to be good at and enjoy multiple activities. 


Other benefits:  Students will meet new friends and develop social and teamwork skills.  They will develop confidence and self-esteem as well as develop leadership, responsibility, and strong work ethic.  In band, everyone plays and no one “sits on the bench”.  Learning to play and read music is something that you can still do when you are 60-70 years old.  There are also so many possibilities for COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS and in today’s economy, we need to be thinking ahead to the future and how to help pay for a college education.


You will need to decide what instrument you want to play and prioritize it with your top three choices.  I will look at what you want to play and also look at what we need you to play to have a balanced band program.  For example, we cannot have a band that sounds good with a band of 50 saxes and 20 percussionists..... it just won't work.  On your MAPS form, please put a solid second and third choice.  Please know that some instruments have more opportunities than others as far as All-West, All-State, and college scholarships.  

This is a great instrument demonstration video to check out:
Here is our Appling Band recruiting video from 2021:
I will let you know what your instrument assignment is at a later date this summer as well as get you information as to what supplies you need and recommended brands.  PLEASE do not get an instrument until you hear from me.
Let me know if you have any questions at [email protected].  Looking forward to having you in band!
Angela Sanders