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Hello Parents and Students!
Welcome to Mrs. Grasmick's Webpage! 

I am ecstatic you are at Appling Middle School. This is my second year teaching 6th grade ELA and Math at Appling.  I grew up in Bartlett and attended Bartlett Schools. I love the fact that I get to give back to the community. I have two fur sons. Their names are Duke and Ares.  I love to travel, cook, read, and craft. I graduated from the University of Memphis with a dual license in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12.  I serve as the 6th grade DEC case manager for AMS. I am dedicated to the success of all my students! 
I will be updating weekly with an overview of the topics we will be learning along with homework assignments and any important notices/deadlines. 
My schedule is the following:
1st: Learning Lab
2nd: Planning/Meetings
3rd: ELA with Nesbit
4th: ELA with Metz 
5th: Math with Vanzant
6th: Math with Cummins 

If you need to contact me, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime. 

Recent Posts

May 21-24 MATH

Students will begin playing other student's games that they have created based on 6th grade math skills. Students will participate in several activities to reinforce / preview 7th grade skills coming up. 
Thursday is a 1/2 day for students and they will remain in homeroom for the entirety of that day. 

May 21-24 ELA

We will continue with project presentations. We will then watch the film 'The Watson's Go To Birmingham' as a grand finale to wrap up.
Students will not switch classes on Thursday as it is a half day for students. Students will remain in homeroom. 

May 14-18 MATH

Students will be working on a project. Students will create a game based on any 6th grade math skill they have learned this year. Students must create a design plan and have it approved by the teacher before they can create their game.
These will need to be finished by Friday so that students can begin playing the games in class on Friday. 

May 14-18 ELA

Students will continue working on The Watson's Go To Birmingham Portfolio. This will be due on Thursday and we will have students begin presenting to the class on Thursday and Friday. 

May 7-11 MATH

Monday: Field Day - bring towel, sunscreen, water, and wear tennis shoes!
Tuesday: Students will begin creating project on rules for integers.
Wednesday: Students will continue creating projects.
Thursday: Students will take CFA
Friday: Students will begin creating board games/games for integers. 

May 7-11 ELA

Monday: FIELD DAY!! Bring plenty of water, put on sunscreen, and bring towel to sit on. Students may bring gloves for tug-of-war but may NOT wear cleats! Dress comfortably within dress code.
Tuesday: Students will take a PowerSchool Assessment as well as take the Spring Benchmark MAZE assessment.
Wednesday: Students will be introduced to "The Watson's Go To Birmingham Project". 
Thursday: Students will continue working on projects.
Friday: Students will continue working on projects.
Our project is an in-class project. Students will need to bring in old magazines to cut out pictures to represent elements of the novel.

April 30- May 4 Math

Monday-  Students will finish the review sheets they began on Friday (Review of Decimal Operations, Algebraic Equations, and Exponents)  Homework: Complete the review sheet if not finished in class. 
Tuesday- Students will complete notes on how to add/subtract with integers using a foldable. Homework: Complete Go MATH - Getting Ready for 7th Grade- Lesson 1
Wednesday- Students will create presentations for RULES of Integer Operations - Adding & Subtracting using Keynote/ Powerpoint. Homework: NONE
Thursday - Students will continue with presentations. Homework: Complete Integer Practice Worksheet, if not finished in class.
Friday - Students will solve word problems with Integer Operations - Homework: FIELD DAY is Monday!! Bring a water bottle, towel, sack lunch and sunscreen!!
Monday- Students will turn in TCAP review packets. They will begin creating a foldable for adding integers. Homework: at least 20 correct and 85% using Edmodo Link. 
Tuesday - Students will discuss and copy counter section of inside of foldable. Use counters to add integers. Homework: IXL N1 to 90%
Wednesday- Discuss inside of foldable. Circling integers before applying rules. Homework: IXL N2 to 85%
Thursday- Students will discuss and copy rules of inside of foldable. Homework: Study for QUIZ, signed note for extra credit
Friday- Students will take a quiz on adding integers; 2 with #line, 2 with counters, 2 with circled integers. Homework: NONE 

April 30-May 4 ELA

Mon: Watson's Go To Birmingham Ch. 9-10
Tues: Ch 11-13
Wed: Ch-14
Thurs: Review WGTB
Fri: Test over WGTB
Students have a digital copy of The Watson's Go To Birmingham on their laptops. If not, type in the title of the book followed by "PDF" into google. 

April 23-27 Math

Students will continue to review for testing while in class. 
Students should make sure to get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast daily! 

April 23-27 ELA

TNREADY Testing!
 Students will take a quiz on chapters 1-4  of The Watson's Go To Birmingham on Monday April 23rd.  (We have been reading a chapter each day in class. Students also have a laptop version on the desktops so they can read at home as needed - no wifi needed) Students will continue to read a chapter a day this week. Chapters 5-8. 
Get a good night's rest and eat a healthy breakfast each morning! 

April 16-20 Math

TNREADY Testing this week!
Students will spend their shortened class period each day reviewing standards in preparation for Math TNREADY next week.

April 16-20 ELA

TNREADY Testing this week!
Students will begin reading Watson's Go To Birmingham in class in preparation for a class project. 

April 9-13 MATH

Students will work on TNReady review each day of the week. Students are placed in small groups to work through the TNReady review.
Homework will be IXLs posted on teacher webpage. 

April 9-13 ELA

Monday - students will receive Vocabulary Unit 4 and choose two activities from the menu to complete in class to apply vocabulary words. 
Tues- Library
Wed - Writing Wednesday - students will write a conclusion to their argumentative essay on Self Driving Cars
Thurs - Students will take notes on mood & tone
Fri - TNReady Review / Vocabulary QUIZ 
Homework: Study Vocabulary 

April 1-5 Math

Students will spend each day reviewing for TNREADY.
Students will have a review packet that includes all covered standards. 
Students will work with teacher on example problems and solve student problems independently to ensure mastery. 
Students will be placed in centers at the end of the week based upon performance on TNReady Review.