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Hello Parents and Students!
Welcome to Mrs. Grasmick's Webpage! 

I am ecstatic you are at Appling Middle School. This is my third year teaching 6th grade ELA and Math at Appling.  I grew up in Bartlett and attended Bartlett Schools. I love the fact that I get to give back to the community. I graduated from the University of Memphis with a dual license in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12.  I serve as the 6th grade DEC case manager for AMS. I am dedicated to the success of all my students! 
I will be updating weekly with an overview of the topics we will be learning along with homework assignments and any important notices/deadlines. 
My schedule is the following:
1st: Planning / Meetings
2nd: Learning Lab
3rd: Math with Vanzant
4th: Math with Cummins
5th: ELA with Metz
6th: ELA with Nesbit

If you need to contact me, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime. 

Recent Posts

Jan 14-18 Math

Mon- 10.3 Properties - Finish Worksheets
Tues - 10.3 Combine Like Terms
Thurs - TEST over Module 10
Fri - 11.1 Writing Equations Intro
Mon -  11.1 Writing Equations Intro / Weekly Review Quiz
Tues - 11.2 Adding & Subtracting Equations
Wed - 11.2 Equations with fact families
Thurs - 11.3 Multiplying and Dividing Equations
Fri - Weekly Review Quiz. / Equations Quiz 

Jan 14-18 ELA

Students will finish up their intro paragraphs and begin working on their body paragraphs for their essay "Is it Ok to sneak food into the movies?"
Students will begin learning the TEXAS format this week.
Nesbit's students have Library on Tuesday
Metz's students have library on Wednesday
Students will be given Vocabulary terms that will be due on 1/25/19. Please have your child complete these and study as they will be quizzed over these terms on 1/25/19. 

Jan 7-11 Math

Mon- Students will continue practicing with simplifying expressions.
Tues- Students will begin learning how to combine like terms.
Wed- Students will practice combining like terms and substitution. 
Thurs- Students will continue practicing combining like terms and substituting for variables to solve expressions. 
Fri- Students will have a weekly review quiz. 
Study guide for weekly review quiz was given on Wednesday. 
Homework: Flocabulary assignments - due Friday
Mon- Students will take notes distributive property and practice.
Tues- Students will take notes on properties: associative, identity, commutative, and distributive.
Wed- Students will practice deconstructing with distributive property by finding the GCF.
Thurs- Students will practice identifying properties and solving / deconstructing with distributive.
Friday - Students will take Weekly Review Quiz & Propertied Quiz
Study guide for the weekly review quiz was given on Monday.
Mon- Pg. 267 
Tues- Make flash cards for weekly review quiz
Wed- Y8 and Y10
Thurs- Study for quizzes

Jan. 7-11 ELA

Monday students will be introduced to Weebly. We will read an article "Is it Ok to sneak food into the movies?" 
Tuesday students will be introduced to Thesis Statements and complete a graphic organizer.
Wednesday students will write an intro paragraph for an argumentative essay.
Thursday students will work on a Flocabulary assignment.
Friday students will take a Flocab Quiz and type their corrected intro paragraph. 

Dec. 17-21 Math

Monday students will take CFA #2 over percents
Tuesday students will complete any make-up work / redos and practice on IXL
Wednesday students will practice translating expressions
Thursday students will review and practice long division
Friday - 1/2 day - Christmas Program
No Homework :) 
Monday students will practice order of operations.
Tuesday students will take CFA #2 and take notes on vocabulary terms - foldable.
Wednesday students will finish vocabulary foldable and begin practicing translating expressions.
Thursday students will continue practicing translating expressions and begin simplyfing expressions.
Friday - 1/2 day- christmas program
Homework: Mon & Tues - Finish Order of Operations classwork, if needed.
Wed-Fri - None! Enjoy the break!! 

Dec. 17-21 ELA

Monday students will review with a Jeapordy game
Tuesday students will have LIBRARY
Wednesday students will complete a CommonLit assignment reviewing standards.
Thursday students will make up / redo any work needed.
Friday - Christmas Program - 1/2 day
Monday students will complete a CommonLit review assignment
Tuesday students will continue CommonLit review assignment
Wednesday students will have LIBRARY
Thursday students will complete any makeup work / redos as needed
Friday - Christmas Program- 1/2 day 

Dec 10-14 Math

Vanzant - 
Monday- students will work on finding % of a number.
Tuesday - QUIZ over %, Fraction, Decimal
Wednesday - 9.1 Intro  Exponents 
Thursday - Field Trip
Friday - 9.3 Order of Operations 
Monday - 10.1 Vocabulary - translating expressions - foldable
Tuesday - pg. 266 practice translating expressions
Wednesday - Stations to review translating expressions
Thursday- Field Trip
Friday - Weekly Review Quiz / Translating Expressions Quiz 

Dec. 10-14 ELA

Monday- Students will analyze Names / Nombres's text structure.
Tuesday- Students will take a quiz over Names / Nombres.
Wednesday - Students will cold read Thank You Ma'am and answer questions.
Thursday - FIELD TRIP
Friday- Students will read Seventh Grade and answer questions. 

Dec. 3-7 Math

Monday students will intro 9.1 pg 240.  Students will also receive copy of Weekly Review Quiz.
Tuesday students will intro 9.3 pg 250 / 253
Wednesday students will continue with 9.3 to practice
Thursday students will participate in stations to review order of operations and exponents.
Friday students will take the Weekly Review Quiz and a quiz over order of operations / exponents. 
IXL D1, D2, D3 to 85
IXL 03 to 80
IXL 06 to 70 

Dec. 3-7 ELA

Monday: Students will read Names/Nombres using thinking notes. Class will discuss text based questions. 
Tuesday: Students will take a test over The Witch of BlackBird Pond.
Wednesday: Students have LIBRARY.
Thursday: Students will analyze Names/Nombres and how character changes throughout. 
Friday: Students will take a QUIZ over vocabulary 4A. Students will look further into text structure. 
Monday: Students will watch movie of All Summer in a Day and compare/contrast it with the written version.
Tuesday: Students have LIBRARY.
Wednesday: Students will take a TEST over The Witch of Blackbird Pond.
Thursday: Students will read Names/Nombres using thinking notes. Discuss text based questions.
Friday: Students will take a QUIZ over vocabulary. Students will look at character change. 
Homework: Vocab 4A due Friday December 7th. 

Nov 26-30 Math

Monday students will complete 7.1 in GOMATH.
Tuesday students will complete 7.2 in GOMATH.
Wednesday students will complete 7.3 in GOMATH.
Thursday students will review Study Guide.
Friday students will take a TEST. 
Mon- GOMATH pg. 177 #7-12
Tues- IXL R11 to 85% by Friday. Complete Study Guide by Thursday.
Wed- Complete WS from class if needed.
Thurs- Study for test. Study Guide due. IXL R11 due tomorrow.
Fri- NONE 
Monday- Students will work on 8.2 in GOMATH.
Tuesday- Students will practice converting between fraction, decimal, and percent.
Wednesday- 8.3 pg 220-221
Thursday- 8.3 pg 222 solving percent problems - task cards
Friday-Percent TEST
Mon- Worksheet
Tues- Finish Worksheet and IXL from class
Wed- 8-3 worksheet all
Thurs - pg 223, study for test
Friday- none 

Nov 26-30 ELA

Monday - Students will review Point of View. They will re-write All Summer In a Day using a different character's point of view.
Tuesday - Students will review Figuartive Language. They will complete a graphic organizer finding figurative language used in All Summer In a Day.
Wednesday- Students will take notes on Narrative Writing
Thursday - Students will use narrative writing to continue the story of All Summer In a Day.
Friday - Students will take an assessment over All Summer In a Day. 

Word Within The Word Unit 7

TWOBBP Chapters 16-18 by Wednesday

IXL- E.2 and JJ.5 to 90% by Thursday

Nov 12-16 ELA

Mon- Students will read "All in a Summer Day" and take thinking notes. Class discussion.
Tues- Students will work on Plot Graphic Organizer on "All in a Summer Day" / Library for Nesbit 
Wed- Students will work on Plot Graphic Organizer on "All in a Summer Day" / Library for Metz
Thurs - Students will complete Theme Graphic Organizer and find text evidence to prove theme.
Fri - Students will take Vocabulary Quiz and Compare WOBBP to All in a Summer Day. 
Homework: Vocab words are due on Friday.
Students will need to complete IXL H1 on Monday. Students will need to complete Central Idea Graphic Organizer on Wednesday for homework. 

Nov 12-16 Math

Mon- Students will take PSA.
Tues- Students will finish PSA.
Wed- Students will continue practicing rates on tables and graphs.
Thurs- Students will convert units within measurements using proportions and ratios.
Fri - Students will take CFA.
Mon- Students will take PSA
Tues - Students will finish PSA.
Wed - Students will Intro Percents to decimals and fractions 8.1 GOMATH
Thurs - Students will practice converting between Fraction, Decimal, and Percent. 8.2 GOMATH 
Fri - Students will take CFA. 

Nov 5-9 Math

Mon- Students will finish scaling, graphing, and putting ratios into a table and solving proportions.
Tues- Students will convert units with measurement systems.
Wed- Test review
Thurs- Unit 6 & 7 Test
Fri- Redos, Makeup Work, Finish Tests