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Hello Parents and Students!
Welcome to Mrs. Grasmick's Webpage! 

I am ecstatic you are at Appling Middle School. This is my second year teaching 6th grade ELA and Math at Appling.  I grew up in Bartlett and attended Bartlett Schools. I love the fact that I get to give back to the community. I have a 3 year old English Bulldog son. His name is Duke and I take him everywhere I go :) I love to travel, cook, read, and craft. I graduated from the University of Memphis with a dual license in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12.  I serve as the 6th grade DEC case manager for AMS. I am dedicated to the success of all my students! 
I will be updating weekly with an overview of the topics we will be learning along with homework assignments and any important notices/deadlines. 
My schedule is the following:
1st: Learning Lab
2nd: Planning/Meetings
3rd: ELA with Nesbit
4th: ELA with Metz 
5th: Math with Vanzant
6th: Math with Cummins 

If you need to contact me, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime. 

Recent Posts

March 19-23 Math

Vanzant- Monday we will continue surface area. Homework will be to finish Surface Area worksheet.  Tuesday we will practice Volume. Homework will be to finish worksheet. Wednesday we will review surface area and volume with task cards. No homework. Thursday we will review for a quiz over surface area and volume. Homework: IXL FF15 to 80% or higher. Friday we will take a Quiz. 
Cummins- We will be working with probability and statistics. We will be practicing mean, median, and mode. Identifying statistical questions. As well as interquartiles and box and whisker plots. 

March 19-23 ELA

Monday we will work with new vocabulary words and practice using these words. Tuesday we will split into groups and work on TNReady Review. Wednesday we will work on reviewing argumentative writing. Thursday and Friday we will look at paired texts and answer discussion questions.
Students should be working on Vocabulary and will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday 

March 5-9 Math

This week students will take the district wide PSA (PowerSchool Assessment). Students will have a weekly quiz over equations and inequalities. Students will also practice coordinate plans and begin module 12 in GOMATH. Students will have homework each night. 

March 5-9 ELA

This week students will take the district wide PSA (PowerSchool Assessment). Students will have library this week. Tuesday for Nesbit. Wednesday for Metz. We will spend two days this week looking at a paired text and answering comprehension questions in a variety of ways. Friday students will begin writing a spring themed narrative in celebration of Spring Break. 
No Vocabulary homework until after Spring Break! 

Feb 26-March 2 Math

Monday - We will continue working on solving one step equations using CUSPE. We will work with equations including decimals and fractions.
Homework: IXL Z7 and Z8 to score of 75
Tuesday- We will begin graphing inequalities. Homework: IXL Z10 and AA1 to score of 75


Wednesday - We will continue graphing inequalities. Homework: IXL AA2 and AA3 to score of 75

Thursday- We will begin finding the area of composite figures and take a quiz.

Homework:  IXL finish to score of 75
Friday- We will practice finding the area of composite figures. Homework: None 

Feb 26- March 2 ELA

Monday we will finish writing our essays. 
Tuesday we will complete a test on paired texts.
Wednesday we will read JK Rowling Commencement speech and compare it to already read Steve Jobs' speech.
Thursday we will complete Cold Read Questions based on the JK Rowling speech.
Friday we will complete a CommonLit activity based on the Olympics.
Homework is Vocabulary Unit 8 which is due Friday. We will also take a quiz over vocabulary words on Friday. 

Feb 20-23 MATH

This week students will learn how to solve one-step equations. We will work on equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Cummins class will have a quiz on Friday over one-step equations.
There will be homework each night over one-step equations. 

Feb 20-23 ELA

Students will review Casey at the Bat and David & Goliath by creating a theme statement and providing textual evidence. Then students will spend two days writing a comparative/contrast essay over the two texts.
Nesbit has library on Tuesday
Metz has library on Wednesday
Students should be working on Unit 8 for Vocabulary 

Feb 12-15 Math

Students will review 10.3 combining like terms and equivalent expressions. We will then move into 11.1 substituting to find equivalent expressions. 
Students will have a weekly review quiz on Thursday. 

Feb 12-15 ELA

Monday students will be taking a CAB assessment.
Tuesday students will read Casey & the Bat and discuss the plot.
Wednesday students will read David & Goliath and answer comprehension questions.
Thursday students will take Vocab 7 Quiz and continue working with David & Goliath providing text evidence based upon the theme. 
Unit 7 is due THURSDAY
Friday - No school for students.

Feb 5-9 Math

This week we are continuing with algebraic expressions. Students will generate equivalent expressions and translate expressions. Students should study for the weekly review quiz. 

Feb 5-9 ELA

This week we are analyzing different informational texts and creating summaries based on claims. We are comparing texts from different author's on the same topic. Students will depict the author's point of view from each text and how it is conveyed.
Students should continue working on Unit 7 Vocabulary. 

Jan 29- February 3 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will take a deeper look at Steve Job's commencement speech and two related poems. We will analyze all three texts and identify central ideas and explain how it is conveyed through details in the text. 
Roots Lesson 6 is due on Friday February 3 - There will be a quiz! 

Jan 22-26 MATH (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will finish up percents. We will move into learning about exponents and order of operations. 
Vanzant Homework / Reminders:
Mon - Quiz over % benchmarks / 8.3 GO MATH online 
Tues- Quiz over % / Complete Weekly Study Guide by Thurs
Wed- Complete Study Guide / 
Thurs - Study for weekly quiz / complete classwork
Fri - Weekly Quiz
Cummins Homework/ Reminders: 
Monday - % Quiz / No HW
Tues- finish pg. 240-241 odds, study wkly review quiz
Wed - finish pg. 253, study wkly review quiz
Thurs - study poem & order of operations; study weekly review quiz
Fri- None 

Jan 22-26 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will continue working on central idea, supporting details, and summarizing with non fiction texts. 
Vocabulary Homework is due on Monday this week. Students will take their quiz on Monday as well. 
Friday students will have an assessment on the Steve Jobs' commencement speech that we have been working on. 
Library Week: Nesbit- Tues   Metz- Wed