Appling Middle School

India Blatt
Hello! Welcome to 7th grade at Appling Middle!! I'm excited to be working with you this school year. I have been teaching middle school students for the past 11 years. My husband, Greg and I have three children and live in Bartlett. If you need to reach me please e-mail
My schedule is below:
1st-  Learning Lab Mrs. Blatt                                 Room #405
2nd- Planning                                                          Room #104
3rd- Math Ms. Morgan and Mrs. Blatt                    Room # 306
4th- Math Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Blatt                         Room # 305
5th- Language Arts Ms. Faulks and Mrs. Blatt     Room # 302
6th- Language Arts Ms. Faulks and Mrs. Blatt     Room # 302

Recent Posts

Language Arts Feb. 24-28

This week we will examine a third Emancipation story. We will discuss the role of literacy to the enslaved. Wednesday we will Complete the BTS Section 2 Quiz. Thursday, students will identify the main idea, tone, and purpose of a film related to BTS. Students will compare the film and novel as it relates to Mary Todd Lincoln's role as First Lady. USA test Prep task are due Friday February 28th. CHOMP 69 is assigned for Tuesday and CHOMP 70, Thursday. 

Math Feb. 24-28

Monday students will take a test over Composite Figues, Surface Area and Volume. Tuesday students will identify biased and unbiased samples and populations. Wednesday students will make Box and Whisker Plots and make inferences from the data. Thursday students will determine how to generate a random sample. Friday there will be a grade assignment on making inferences from random samples and box and whisker plots. There will be a Math Facts quiz over Mean, Median and Mode of a set of data. Homework will be each night. WE DEFINITELY HAVE A FULL WEEK WITH MATH! :) 

Math Feb 17-21

This week students will continue to find Surface Area and Volume. There will be homework and notes each day to review. Quiz over area, surface area and volume will be Friday.

ELA Feb. 17-21

This week we will continue to read Chapter 11 of BTS written by Elizabeth Keckley. Students will determineThe excerpts point of view, perspective, and central idea. Students will continue to improve their skills on writing an objective summary. Homework is CHOMP 64 and 68. Also USA TEST Prep tasks due Feb. 28th.

Math Feb10-14

This week students will find the area of composite figures and surface area. There will be a Math Facts quiz Thursday over angles. Students attend school Friday 1/2 day. dismissal will be at 10:30. There will be homework each night.

ELA Feb. 10-14

Students will analyze the attitude of the author in Chapter 3 of BTS. Students will also write an objective summary on Chapter 3, Behind the Scenes. Home work is CHOMP 54 and 55. There also is an assignment in USA TestPrep due Feb. 14th. 
This Monday we have our Field Trip to BPACC. Friday is 1/2 a day with Parent Teacher Conferences from 11-2. Students are out of school on Feb. 17th.

Language Arts Feb. 3-7

This week students will complete claims chart and find evidence to support the claim using BTS Chapter 1. DLR Grammar Assessment will be Wednesday. Students have a USA test prep assignment due Friday. Students have the DLR study guide for quiz Wednesday. 

Math Feb. 3-7

This week we will  review area, perimeter and circumference on Monday and Tuesday. We will quiz on Wednesday. There will be a Math Facts quiz on Thursday reteaching angle measurements. Thursday and Friday students will  find area of composite figures. There will be homework each night. Please encourage your student to study for the quiz Wednesday and Math Facts on Thursday.

ELA Jan. 27-31

Students read the preface to  Behind the Scenes  (BTS) to determine the point of view. Students will have a graded assignment on grammar skills using Daily Language Review - WK 20 on Wednesday. Thursday students will compare and contrast the ideas about slavery in BTS and “The People Could Fly”. Friday there will be a quiz on the Preface of BTS and "The People Could Fly". Homework work is to stay for quizzes and CHOMP50 and 51. Students also have a USA TESTPREP assignment for the week due Friday. 

Math Jan. 27-31 Mrs. Cox 4th Period

Students will begin a unit on area and circumference of a circle. They will be solving problems using the formulas of area and circumference. Students will have homework to complete each night.

Math Jan 27-30 Morgan 3rd Period

This week students will find missing angles on Monday. They will review Tuesday and take a quiz Wednesday on skills of scale factor, scale drawings, unique triangles and angles. Thursday will be a review of perimeter and area. Friday students will begin area of a circle. There will be a Math Facts quiz over Percents on Thursday. Students will have homework each night. 

ELA Jan. 21-24

This week students will make connections between slavery, the economy of the South and President Lincoln. We will begin reading Behind the Scenes, reviewing vocabulary and understanding point of view. Students will be completing activities/questions daily for a grade on the information given in class. Homework is CHOMP 48 and 49 this week. 

Math Jan. 21-24

This week students will solve problems with scale drawings. We will also solve problems with unique triangles, and basic angles. Students will have a Math 
Facts quiz over finding Simple Interest. Students will have homework each night over skills being taught. Please look at the notes each day to help support Homework. 

Language Arts Jan. 13-17

We will continue to review narrative writing skills. Students will write a narrative that develop real or imagined experiences or events in well-structured sequences. Homework will be CHOMP each night. 

Math Jan. 13-17

This week students will review percent of change, increase, decrease, tax, tip, and commission on Monday and Tuesday. Students will be quizzed on these skills Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will solve problems with scale drawings. There will be a Math Facts quiz on Thursday and homework each night.