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7th grade Language Arts and Math

Hello! Welcome to 7th grade at Appling Middle!! I'm excited to be working with you this school year. I have been teaching Middle school students for the past 8 years. My husband, Greg and I have three children and live in Bartlett. I love teaching at Appling Middle School! If you need to reach me please e-mail
My schedule is below:
1st-  Language Arts Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Blatt
2nd- Language Arts Ms. Faulks and Mrs. Blatt
3rd- Learning Lab
4th- Planning
5th- Math Ms. Morgan and Mrs. Blatt
6th- Math Ms. Kimberlin and Mrs. Blatt


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ELA Jan.

Students will practice narrative writing. They will review parts of a plot diagram and creating a story line with the parts on the diagram. Students will insert dialog to enhance writing. Homework is CHOMP each night. Ms. Faulks class will have Library Thursday. 

Math Jan. 14-18

Students will find percent using percent proportion. Students will also find percent of increase or decrease. There will be notes each day and homework to practice skills each day. There will be a math fact quiz on Unit Rate. Students have to study Math Facts to do well! There will be a quiz over skills being taught this Friday.

Language Arts Jan. 7-11

Students will review using quotation marks in narrative writing. Students will also discuss writing narratives that develop real or imagined experiences in well-structured sequences. Home work will be CHOMP each night. Students will  write a Narrative Essay Friday. 

Math Jan. 7-11

Students will be identifying proportional relationships and graphs. Students will find unit rates, constant rates of change and identify proportional relationship on a  quiz, Friday. Thursday there will be a Math Facts review quiz over Unit Rate. There will be homework each night. 

Math Dec. 17-21

Students will find unit rates and identify proportional relationships/graphs. Students will have an open book quiz on Thursday. Friday, student will be dismissed at  10:30 am. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Language Arts Dec. 17-21

Students will have a comprehensive quiz over the, Christmas Carol, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the class. Ms. Faulks class has Library, Thursday. Chomp homework will be each night. Students will begin discussing quotation mark usage in narrative writing. Students have 1/2 day of school Friday, the 21st. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! 

Language Arts Dec. 10-14

This week we will finish reading the Ghost of Christmas Present and Future of, A Christmas Carol. There will be a quiz Tuesday. Students will receive vocabulary which will be due Dec.18th. We will be completing comprehension question, comparison charts, and a plot diagram with A Christmas Carol. Our field trip is Friday, Dec. 14th. Homework is CHOMP each night and to complete vocabulary chart. 

Math Dec. 10-14

This week we will be solving two-step inequalities. There will be homework each night. Math Facts will be completed tomorrow and quiz will be Thursday. Our Field trip is Friday Dec. 14th. We will also  have a grade on two-step inequalities,Thursday.  

Dec. 3-7 Language Arts

This week students will review and quiz on Stave II, the Ghost of Christmas Past. The quiz will be over comprehension and the 6 vocabulary words of Stave II. Ms. Faulks class has Library Thursday. Students will take AimswebPlus Benchmark Monday. Friday we will begin Stave III, the Ghost of Christmas Present. 

Dec. 3-7 Math

This week students will be solving one-step inequalities. We will be taking AimswebPlus Benchmark Tuesday. we will review one-step inequalities Wednesday and quiz on it Thursday. There will be a Math Facts quiz on Friday over Module 6 Assessment Readiness. Students received this Monday to study. Friday we will begin two-step inequalities. There will be homework each night. 

Language Arts Nov. 26-30

Students will analyze what a text says explicitly and draw logical inferences: cite several pieces of textual evidence to support conclusions with the text, A Christmas Carol. Students will have a quiz on Stave 1 Wednesday. Mrs. Faulks class will also have a quiz over Stave 1 vocabulary. We will begin Stave 2 of the drama Thursday. CHOMP will be homework each night. Please study vocabulary and Stave 1 Reading Guide Tuesday night. 

Math Nov. 26-30

This week students will write and solve multi-step equations. We will have a quiz on this skill Wednesday. Thursday and Friday students will solve one-step equalities. There will be a Math Facts quiz Thursday. Homework will be on the skills being taught each night. 

Language Arts Nov. 12-16

TLW analyze the relationships and interactions among individuals, events, and ideas in The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Students will have a quiz on Stave 1 vocabulary, Wednesday. There will be a quiz over Stave 1 on Friday. Students have CHOMP homework each night. Benchmark testing will be Tuesday. 

Math Nov.12-16

TLW write and solve two-step equations. We will practice on this skill. Students need to use notes for guidance when completing homework each night. Students have a Math Facts quiz Thursday. They will get the Math Facts sheet on Monday. Benchmark testing will be completed Monday, Nov. 12, 2018.

Language Arts November 5-9

Student's essays will be returned this week in Ms.
Faulks class. Corrections/completion of essays will be due by Wednesday to gain final points. We will begin our Unit 2 curriculum with the novel, A Christmas Carol. The students will be completing a web quest to analyze the Victorian time period, which is the setting for our novel. Students will have CHOMP homework each night.