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Hello all- 
It is Mrs. Wilson and welcome to the 2nd 9 weeks virtual Art class. I put an Art packet into your materials that you picked up before Fall Break and if you have not gotten your materials, I suggest that you do. 
Please use the packet as a document that follows along with my Curve. Some worksheets are online and are complete so you can see what I am looking for and some you will have to complete on your own by reading the instructions and using your imaginations. We will have a Zoom every Friday that school is in session and it will be from 1-130 pm. I will send out an invitation the day before. 
If you have any questions or issues please email me, but DO NOT email me your completed assignments. They are to be turned in on curve every Friday. Some assignments will require you to turn in 2 worksheets. 
Good luck and hopefully you all have a hang of virtual learning.
Welcome to our Middle School Orientation Night. Please look at my presentation for a very small sampling of how your child's art class will go! 
Hello Art Students- 
Hope that you all are well. To find out what is going on in the Art Room please refer to my Curve. I am posting everything that we are doing this year. If you have any questions or need help please email me at I will also have an "Office Hours" zoom every Friday from 1-1:30 pm so that we can talk, get updates and assistance. 
Thank you- 
Mrs. Wilson