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Expectations of Students

     On the first day of class each student will be given an “Orchestra Contract” paper to review with a parent, sign, and return to me.  These contracts are a serious matter, as they detail what I expect from all students.  In addition, I have the WHAT Poster and the following expectations posted in the Orchestra Room:


-Treat all people and instruments with respect

-Speak only at appropriate times

-On a rehearsal cut-off, all sound stops

-Come to class prepared

-Follow instructions immediately



     As a school, Appling follows the WHAT Discipline System and RTI2-B Model.  Please refer to the Appling Parent/Student Handbook for more information.  Respect in the classroom is very important to me, and it is a trait I stress from the beginning of the year.  Students should respect not only their teacher but also all the other students in the class.  I try to show students how they should act by my own behavior.  I seek to treat all students with the respect I want to be treated with.  As per the school-wide expectation, when a child behaves inappropriately for the first time, they will be reminded of the class expectation before being issued a consequence.  After that point, I will follow the procedures outlined in the AMS Parent/Student Handbook.