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SmartMusic Challenge

Good morning!

As many of you have seen, the district's Remote Learning Opportunity page went live today.  Here is the link:

As all bands 6-12 are doing this challenge, we chose to make the pdf explanation very concise and flexible.  Here are additional instructions for the challenge:

  • Opportunities (dubbed Assignments in SmartMusic) can be done at the student's leisure.
  • They can choose to do some or all of the Opportunities.
  • There is no real "due date".  I will total up every student's points at the end of the week then feature the Top 10 students.
  • I will continually update SmartMusic with more assignments.  Don't stop if and when you complete what's on there, because there will be more to do later.  As I find new things to benefit you, I am putting them there for you. 
  • Feel free to explore SmartMusic on your own!  If you would like me to assign something for you to get more points, feel free to shoot me an email!

Thanks!  I'll be in touch, and feel free to shoot me an email anytime you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat!

Stay safe and healthy!

Angela Sanders


Zoom Directions and Do you need instrument still?

I am so excited to set up my first zoom meetings tomorrow 3/31!  I have emailed everyone the zoom number and password.  Please email me at if you need the log in info.  Here are the times:
8th grade - 11:30 am
7th grade - 1:00 pm
6th grade 5th period - 2:30 pm
6th grade 6th period 4:00 pm
We are just going to chat and catch up and see each other, so come as you are!
Also..... if you are still in need of your instrument from the band room, please meet me at the back parking lot of the school at 9:00 am in the morning.  I can only stay a few minutes because I have my own teacher zoom meeting to go to at 9:30, so please be on time and please let me know if I should look for you.  
 Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Mrs. Sanders

2/10 Week Announcements/Plans

Thank you to those that came out to work or make a purchase at our mattress sale fundraiser!
Monday - Honor Band
Tuesday - 8th grade All-District Band - Leave 8:45 am.  Don't forget:  Instrument, music, get makeup work, bring concert dress clothes - black pants, white shirt (tie for guys), black shoes/socks. Concert is at 6:30 in the Bartlett High cafeteria for parents to attend and go home afterwards
Wednesday - Honor Band
Thursday - All-West TN Band members leave at 10:45 from band room - Instrument, music, music stand, pencil, food $, breakfast food, snacks, wear band shirt Thursday and normal clothes Friday, bring black shoes/socks and we will bring uniforms. Concert is at 8:30 am Saturday morning
Thursday 8th and 6th grade - no instruments - take home and PRACTICE!
New Smart Music is being posted this week..... PRACTICE!
This week:
6th grade:  Learn concert Db (low and high) and perform Ab scale and #107-109 in book (Tuesday); Learn dotted quarter/8th note rhythm on #110-114 (Wednesday).  Work these solos both days - Wooden Shoe Dance, Dance Song, and March from Scipio
7th grade:  
Tuesday - Review 16th note rhythms learned last week #73,74,76-78, 80.  Work on Minuetto solo music
Wednesday - Learn dotted eighth/16th note pattern #81-85, yellow book sight-reading with new rhythm, and work on St. Anthony Chorale and Rondo solo music
Thursday - Review and apply the new dotted eighth/16th rhythm and learn new note high Eb concert.  RAD book Unit 34, EE #91-95.  Work Country Gardens solo music
8th grade:
Tuesday - All District Day
Wednesday - District Day reflection journals; Perform scales and songs in A minor E.T. #97-100. Read Polonaise and Rondeau solo music
I will be giving out February/March calendars this week and also information on the Christian Brothers High School Honor Band event on Feb. 28-29.  
Have a great week!
Mrs. Sanders

March 2020 Calendar

Please check out all of the dates for March for the Appling Band.  And please note April 4 Solo Ensemble Festival is a required event for Appling Band.  One event is covered through the band fee and any extra event needs to be registered by March 4.  

Thursday and Friday this week

Mrs. Sanders will be out of town with her senior daughter on a college visit this Thursday and Friday and will not be at school.  On Thursday, several students will be gone attending the honor roll party.  Thursday, sixth and seventh grade band students will NOT need instruments but 8th grade band students WILL need instruments.  On Friday, 8th grade band students will NOT need instruments.  Please make instruments are taken home over the weekend and practiced.  Smart Music assignments are now late that were due 1/26.  I will be listening to those and giving feedback and putting in PowerSchool.  I will assign a new set soon.  In the meantime please continue to practice what we have been doing in the book and honor/jazz music.  Solo/Ensemble music should be given out next week.  
Mrs. Sanders

All-West- Campus Map

Here is a map of the Northside High School campus in Jackson, TN.  The jazz and percussion auditions are on the south campus and the wind auditions are on the north campus.  Directions about parking are in the memo I posted earlier.  
Make sure you allow plenty of time to get there, park, and find where to go since there will probably be 1,000+ people there throughout the day.  Please read over the original letter I posted and the memo and please show patience through the process. Remember to find someone to carpool with if you need to. Let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. S.

Reminder for Friday 1/10 yearbook pics

Please wear your yellow band shirt to school.  If you are in honor band, please wear your black pants and anyone else may wear jeans or whatever.  Honor Band members need to bring their white shirt with them (guys also bring a tie.... any color) and black shoes (and black socks if you wear socks) to change into for pics.  After honor band pics, jazz band members will change into their black shirt that they are to also bring.  Order of pics - 6th grade band, 7th grade band, 8th grade band, honor band, jazz band.  
Please do NOT forget your clothes!  You will not be allowed in the picture if you are not dressed appropriately.  Remember this is very important!
Mrs. Sanders

2020 All-West audition letter

Here is the letter with any information you may need for next Saturday's All-West audition.  At the end of the letter is a list of chronological audition times if you need to arrange a carpool with someone.  I will give out paper copies of this for reference.  Good luck to all that are auditioning!  I am sooooo proud of you and your hard work!!!
Mrs. Sanders

Memphis Area Honor Band Director Bio

Here is more information about the conductor of the Memphis Area Honor Band on Jan. 23-25.  Please fill out the interest/commitment form by this Friday Jan. 10 so that I can email it to the Overton High directors and then please pay your $25 registration fee by next Friday 1/17.  I will draft another info letter once I know who is participating and we will coordinate carpools.  I hope you will consider attending!
Mrs. S.