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8th Standard Math (Period 2)

Mrs. Stacey Carmichael
8th Grade

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Geometric Transformations

Feb. 14th - 23rd

Standard: G.A.3 Use informal arguments to establish facts about the angle sum and exterior angle of triangles, about the angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal, and the angle-angle criterion for similarity of triangles.
(IXL & MobyMax due February 23rd)
O.8-Exterior Angle Theorem, O.10 Identify complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent & congruent angles, O.11 Find measures of complementary, supplementary, vertical & adjacent angles, O.12 Transversal of parallel lines
Congruency - Calculate angles using line and angle relationships
Wednesday (14th) - Angle Relationships Parallel Lines - NOTES
Thursday (15th) - Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines 11.2 p.345, 349-352
Friday (16th) - NO SCHOOL students
Monday (19th) NO SCHOOL students & teachers
Tuesday (20th)- Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines Vocabulary QUIZ
Wednesday (21st)- Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines Practice p.349-352
Thursday(22nd) - Study Guide/Review Day
Friday (23rd)- Test on Parallel Lines Angle Relationships
Warmups are due March 2nd

February 5th - 13th

Monday - Pythagorean theorem NOTES
Tuesday - 12-1 Pythagorean theorem p.371-380
Wednesday - 12-2 Converse of the Pythagorean theorem p.381-386
Thursday - 12-3 Distance Between Two Points p. 387-392
Friday - Quiz Pythagorean theorem (warmups are due, MobyMax-Pythagorean Theorem due)
Monday - REVIEW for TEST on Pythagorean Theorem
Tuesday - Test on Pythagorean theorem (IXL Assignments due R.1-R.5)

January 29th - February 2nd

**Please watch the following videos on the link to be prepared for next week's lesson on Scientific Notation.
Monday - 2.2 Scientific Notation with Positive Powers of 10 (p.39-44)
Tuesday - 2.3 Scientific Notation with Negative Powers of 10 (p. 45-50)
Wednesday - 2.4 Operations with Scientific Notation (p.51-58)
Thursday - Practice/Review Scientific Notation
Friday - Test on Scientific Notation
**The following assignments are due this week - 
  1. MobyMax-Math-Scientific Notation
  2. IXL G.1 - G.4
  3. Warmups

Online Textbooks - GO Math!

Students now have new online textbooks. Below is the information for their login:


  • Username: BCS+Student PowerSchool ID Number (no spaces)
  • Password: Same as username
(Each student was also issued a workbook. They are to leave them in their locker or at home. Each week, we will remove any pages that will be used.)

January 22nd - 26th

8.EE.A.1 Know and apply the properties of integer exponents to generate numerical expressions.
Monday - Quiz - Integer Exponents
Tuesday - Properties of Exponents Notes
Wednesday - Practice Properties of Exponents
Thursday - Practice/Review Exponents, Integer Exponents & Properties of Exponents
Friday - TEST
IXL due for this week - 

F.6 Understanding Negative Exponents

F.7. Evaluate negative exponents

F.8 Multiplication with Exponents/

F. 9 Division with Exponents

January 8th - 12th

8.EE.A.1 Know and apply the properties of integer exponents to generate numerical expressions.
Monday - Exponents Review Guide, IXL F.1 & F.2
Tuesday - Exponents TEST
Wednesday - Integer Exponents - NOTES, Practice
Thursday - Integer Exponents Practice, IXL F.3 & F.4
Friday - Integer Exponents QUZ, IXL F.5
**Daily Powertest Warmups**
**MobyMax assignments in Academic Exploration**

November 13th - 17th

Monday - Identifying Linear & Nonlinear Functions Notes/ IXL Practice Z.14
Tuesday - Benchmark #1 Prep & Review
Wednesday - Benchmark #1 Assessment
Thursday - Slope Intercept Word Problems
Friday - Slope Intercept Form Art Activity
**Students will work on completing IXL assignments in the Z category.**

November 6th - 10th

Monday - Slopes & Intercepts Notes
Tuesday - Slopes & Intercepts Practice (IXL Y.6 & Y.7)
Wednesday - Slopes & Intercepts Practice/Graphing Linear Equations NOTES
Thursday - Slopes & Intercepts & Graphing Linear Equations Review
Friday - TEST
AE Assignments for the Week - Y.6 - Y.12 (This is also good to work on and practice at home.)

October 23rd - 27th

Monday - 4.1 & 4.2 Interpreting Graphs & Function Test
Tuesday - 4.3 - Writing Functions Notes
Wednesday - Writing Functions Practice/Graphing Functions
Thursday - Different Representations (Equations, Graphs, Tables) practice
Friday - Test on Matching Different Representations

October 16th - 20th

Monday - Powertest - Quarter 1 Review
Tuesday - 4-1 Interpreting Graphs NOTES/ Quizziz activity
Wednesday - 4-1 Practice, IXL-CC.1, CC.2 
Thursday - 4-2 Function NOTES
Friday - 4-2 Function Practice