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Welcome to Mr. Zelinski's web page! On this page you can find out the happenings of my 6th grade Science and STEM classes.  
If any parents or students need to contact me they may do so at
  1. Planning 7:10-8:10
  2. STEM 8:15-9:10
  3. Science 9:10-10:15
  4. Science 10:15-11:55 (lunch 11:23-11:48)
  5. Science 11:55-12:55
  6. Exceptional Science 12:55-2

Recent Posts

Week of November 13

-Homework: Chapter 7 Section 4 (pages 216-219) #1-5 for regular Science and #1-6 for Exceptional Science. Write out the questions and it is due on Thursday
-We will take the district CFA on Tuesday. Review Chapter 1 
-Study for Chapter 7 Test on Friday

Week of November 6

  • Homework this week will be a handout that students will receive on Tuesday and it will be do on Friday.
  • Students will take a CFA on Primary and Secondary Succession on Tuesday (November 7)
  • Students will learn about the inner and outer planets in the Solar System.
  • Students will work on an in class planet Power Point on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • They should be prepared for a pop quiz

Week of October 30 Homework

Study INB for Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday
Chapter 7 Section 1 Self Check #1-5 Due Friday, write out questions

Week of 10/23

-Chapter 6 section 2 pages 172-180.  Copy and complete Self Check page 180 questions 1-5.
Due Thursday
-Report Cards go home Tuesday
-Chapter 6 Test on October 31

Chicfila at Open House

Just a reminder, money for anyone interested in purchasing Chicfila at the Open House is due tomorrow.

Week of October 16

I hope everyone had a nice Fall Break! I hope everyone is Fall Broken and is ready to attack this 2nd quarter of school! Here is the homework for the first week back.
Read Chapter 6 section 1 pages 166-171.  Copy the Questions and Answer Self Check 1-5 page171. 

Chapter 3 Study Q's

Chapter 3 Study questions are posted in the Resource section of the page along with the Chapter 3 Power Point

Homework for the week has been posted in the Homework section of the page. There will be a Chapter 3 test on Friday so students should be studying information in their INB and textbook.


read Chapter 3 Section 1 pages 70-76
complete Self Check #1-3
Due Thursday 9/14

STEM: Trash Sliders

The STEM classes are doing a project called "Trash Sliders." We are taking recyclable materials and creating a sled-like object to slide down a ramp onto the floor. The students and I would appreciate any type of rinsed out cans and plastic bottles, paper towel/TP rolls, or tissue boxes donated to the classroom if you are able to do so. 


A test on Chapter 2 will be on Friday, September 8th. Students should start studying their INB and review the chapter in their book.