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Hello Parents and Students!
Welcome to Mrs. Grasmick's Webpage! 

I am ecstatic you are at Appling Middle School. This is my second year teaching 6th grade ELA and Math at Appling.  I grew up in Bartlett and attended Bartlett Schools. I love the fact that I get to give back to the community. I have a 3 year old English Bulldog son. His name is Duke and I take him everywhere I go :) I love to travel, cook, read, and craft. I graduated from the University of Memphis with a dual license in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12.  I serve as the 6th grade DEC case manager for AMS. I am dedicated to the success of all my students! 
I will be updating weekly with an overview of the topics we will be learning along with homework assignments and any important notices/deadlines. 
My schedule is the following:
1st: Learning Lab
2nd: Planning/Meetings
3rd: ELA with Nesbit
4th: ELA with Metz 
5th: Math with Vanzant
6th: Math with Cummins 

If you need to contact me, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime. 

Recent Posts

Nov 13-17 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will be starting on Monday by taking the district wide CFA. 
The remainder of the week we will be introducing Ratios, How to write a ratio 3 ways, Equivalent Ratios, Ratio Relationships, and  Setting up and Solving Proportions. We will end the week on Friday with a Quiz over what we have covered. 

Nov 13-17 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

Mon- We will write a TEXAS body paragraph after reading the article Should the School Day be Longer?
Tues- We will differentiate between argumentative paragraphs and persuasive paragraphs.
Wed- We will take notes on Intro Paragraphs and write an Intro Paragraph.
Thurs- We will take notes on Counterclaims and write a Counterclaim paragraph.
Fri- We will take notes on Conclusion paragraphs and write a conclusion paragraph. 
Homework: Continue working on Vocabulary Unit 3. Due on Fri December 1

Math Nov 6-10 (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will start by continuing to practice multiplying/dividing fractions with word problems. Students will be taking a Unit Test on Wednesday over multiplying and dividing fractions. Students will also be given a weekly review quiz study guide on Monday. They will take the review quiz on Thursday for Vanzant's class and Friday for Cummins's class. We will also begin ratio notes this week.
Vanzant Homework:
Mon- Complete the multiplying & dividing fraction review packet if not finished in class.
Tues- Study for the Multiplying/Dividing Fractions by completing the assigned Quizizz. Code will be given in class. Complete to 80% or higher. 
Wed- Study for the Weekly Quiz using the study guide. 
Thurs- Complete IXL X1-2 if not yet finished. 
Cummins Homework: 
Mon- Weekly Review Quiz
Tues- Study for Unit Test, Signed E.C. note
Wed- None
Thurs- finish classwork p. 153
Fri- None 

ELA Nov 6-10 (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will continue with practicing writing paragraphs using TEXAS. Students will need their writing spirals daily. We will have library this week. We will spend Thursday reviewing Literature Standards to prepare for the district CFA.  Friday students will take their Vocabulary Unit 2 quiz. Then they will complete a district CFA. 
Library Week!
Tues- Nesbit
Wed- Metz
Vocabulary Unit 2 due Fri - Quiz on Fri 

Oct 30-Nov 3 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

Monday we will be working on multiplying fractions with cross cancelling.  Students will also be given the Weekly Quiz Study Guide for homework. Tuesday we will learn how to divide fractions. Wednesday we will practice dividing fractions. Thursday we will continue with word problems. Friday we will take our weekly quiz and continue practicing multiplying and dividing fractions. 

Oct 30-Nov 3 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will begin our writing workshop. We will learn how to deconstruct a prompt, write a claim for argumentative essays, learn the parts of TEXAS writing, and practice TEXAS.
Students should be working on Roots Unit 2 for homework. 

Oct 23-27 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

We will finish up ordering rational numbers this week. We will move into operations with fractions. Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Fractions. 

Oct 23-27 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

Monday we will have our final test on The Cay. We will continue within the week with learning the different types of figurative language. Friday we will take our vocabulary quiz on Roots Unit 1. We will also be working with our computers on Friday.
This week is library week! 
Tuesday for Nesbit's class / Wednesday for Metz's class
Homework: Roots Unit 1 - Due Friday 

Oct 16-20 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will continue working with integers. Students will be given a weekly study guide on Monday. They will complete it for homework and we will review the answers on Tuesday. Tuesday students will work in small groups to complete word problems on integers. Wednesday students will complete a short quiz on comparing, ordering integers, and real-world absolute value problems. Then we will take notes on identifying opposites and absolute values of rational numbers. Thursday we will compare and order rational numbers by taking notes and guided practice. Friday students will take the weekly quiz. 
Homework: Monday- Complete Study Guide
Tues- Create a number line from -15 to +15
Wed- Complete unfinished classwork notes and IXL P.1
Thurs- Study for the weekly quiz 
Friday- Enjoy the weekend! 

Oct 16-20 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will be introducing a new daily grammar practice. Each day we will cover the specific skills and practice.
This week students will receive a study guide on The Cay. The final test will be on 10/23/17. 
We are also introducing a new vocabulary homework - Get to the Root of It 

Oct 2-6 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

Students will be given study guide on Monday and Tuesday with exact test questions for Wednesday. 
Mon: Finish quizzes from Friday. Wrap up dividing decimals with word problems. 
Tues: Work through Study Guide Questions in preparation for Test
Wed: Test
Thurs: Integers practice 
ntegers practice 
Monday: All re-do work due by tomorrow. Study for Test by completed study guide. 
Tuesday: Study for Test.
Wednesday: None
Thursday: None- bring lunch for picnic tomorrow. 

Oct 2-6 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

This week we will review all standards that we have covered in preparation for our Literary Exam that will be held on Wednesday for Nesbit's class and Tuesday for Metz's class.   We will review The Cay by completing interactive questions on our iBook. 
Thursday we will take a quiz over Vocabulary Lesson 4 - Own the Word homework is also due on Thursday 
Library Week: Tuesday for Nesbit / Wednesday for Metz
Friday is Career Day/Class picnic. Please bring a sack lunch, a towel to sit on, and a bottle of water. 

Sep 25-29 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will be covering division with decimals. We will take notes and practice all week. Friday we will have two quizzes. One will be a weekly quiz in which the students will be given on Monday with the answers and work. They will have all week to study and practice before Friday. The other quiz will be over Decimal operations. 
Vanzant homework: 
Mon: IXL H4 to 80% 
Tues: IXL H5 and review for quiz
Wed: Review for quiz 
Thurs: IXL H7 to 80% 
Fri: None
Cummins homework:
Mon: IXL h5 to 85%
Tues: Worksheet #1,2,6,8,9,10
Wed: IXL H7 to 85%
Thurs: Worksheet boxed problems, 3 points extra credit note
Fri: None 

Sep 25-29 ELA (Nesbit, Metz, Grasmick)

Monday and Tuesday we will learn about Points of View and practice identifying Point of View in literary works. We will also cover Point of View in The Cay. Wednesday we will review theme and how it is applied to The Cay. Thursday we will review Plot by identifying types of conflict and determining conflict types in The Cay. Friday we will work in literature circles to get a better understanding of The Cay. 
Homework: Read Chapters 11-13 of The Cay, Work on Vocabulary 4

Sep 18-22 Math (Vanzant, Cummins, Grasmick)

This week we will review Area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. Students need to know how to plug in the numbers in the formulas and which formula to use.
Tuesday we will retake our AREA quizzes!
Wednesday we will review GCF/LCM
Thursday we will take a 5 question quiz on GCF/LCM and begin learning how to divide decimals
Friday we will continue practicing dividing decimals.