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7th grade Language Arts and Math

Hello! Welcome to 7th grade at Appling Middle!! I'm excited to be working with you this school year. I have been teaching Middle school students for the past 7 years. My husband, Greg and I have three children and live in Bartlett. I love teaching at Appling Middle School! If you need to reach me please e-mail
My schedule is below:
1st-  Math Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Blatt
2nd- Math Ms. Morgan and Mrs. Blatt
3rd- Planning
4th- Learning Lab
5th- Language Arts Ms. Faulks and Mrs. Blatt
6th- Language Arts Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Blatt

Recent Posts

Language Arts Nov. 13-17

This week we will finish our novel study of "Nothing but the Truth". We will have a final quiz over the novel.  We will also review sentence structure reviewing simple, compound, complex, and compound- complex sentences. There will be CHOMP homework each night. We will be taking a field trip on Nov. 29th to see the movie, "Wonder". Information will be sent home this week.

Math Nov. 13-17

This week we will continue to combine like terms. We will be combining like terms and solving equations. There will be a Math Facts quiz this week on Thursday. Students will have homework each night on skills taught that day. 

Langauge Arts Nov. 6-10

This week we will continue to read our novel, Nothing But The Truth by Avi. Students will have a Flocabulary test on Unit 4 Friday. We will be completing CHOMP homework each night. Ms. Faulks's class will have Library Thursday. 

Math Nov. 6-10

This week students will complete the District Benchmark Monday and Tuesday. They will have Math Facts this week with the quiz being on Thursday. The new skill introduced this week is combining like terms with constants, coefficients, and variables. 

Language Arts Oct. 30-Nov. 3

This week we will be reading, Monsters are Due on Maple Street and comparing it to the well known video of the Twilight series. There will be a comprehension quiz on Thursday over this short story. We will also continue Nothing But the Truth, completing activities. Homework will be CHOMP each night.  

Math Oct. 30-Nov. 3

This week in math we will continue to solve 2-step equations using real world problems. There will be homework each night and a quiz Friday. Math Facts will review the skill of adding and subtracting fractions. This quiz will be on Thursday.

Language Arts Oct. 23-27

This week we will be completing the steps to write an argumentative essay. Students will complete a "cold write" Monday to get a base level on writing skills. We will review "fact and opinion" and "thesis statements" this week.We will complete notes and graphic organizer on argumentative writing. We will also continue our novel study of, "Nothing But The Truth". Homework will be CHOMP each night. 

Math October 23-27

This week we are reviewing 1-step equations Monday and Tuesday. There will be a quiz on these skills Wednesday. Students received Math Facts today on the Distributive Property. That quiz will be Thursday. We will also begin solving 2-step equations Thursday-Friday. There will be homework each night to review skills. Please join us for OPEN HOUSE Tuesday from 6-7 pm. Hope to see you there!!

Math Oct. 16-20

This week we will be solving 1-step equations. Students will have homework each night on what was covered in the notes that day. We will have a math facts quiz Thursday on the 10 math facts problems given on Monday. Please encourage your student to study and keep up with completing notes and homework. 

Language Arts Oct. 16-20

TLW read/discuss NBTT with 80%  taking notes on point of view, text structure, and inferences. TLW complete an argumentative outline describing the structure on an argumentative essay.  Students will have a quiz on NBTT Chapters 1-10 on Thursday. We will also have CHOMP each night for homework. 

Math Oct. 2-6

This week we will solve expressions. We will have homework and notes each day. Students will have a graded assignment Thursday on skills taught. There will be homework each night. Career Day will be Friday with students enjoying a picnic lunch. We hope everyone has a great Fall Break! 

Language Arts Oct. 2-6

This week in Language Arts students will continue to read Nothing But the Truth completing questions on comprehension and plot. There will be a Flocabulary quiz on Unit 3 words Wednesday in Ms. Faulks room and Thursday in Mrs. Parker's room. Students will complete a CFA on plot elements Tuesday. Students will also complete Flocabuary activities this week to prepare for Flocabulary quiz. Students should have a copy of the Flocabualry words in their binder and have access to Flocabulary on line. Chomp will be homework each day. 

Language Arts September 25-29

This week we will begin Flocabulary Unit 3. Students will have a Keynote due on these words Friday to help with their review. We will also begin our novel study, Nothing But the Truth. We will be looking at plot elements throughout the novel. Students will have CHOMP homework each night.  

Math September 25-29

This week students will solve mixed forms by converting to like forms to add, subtract, multiply & divide. We will be working in stations on different skills. Math Facts will review subtracting integers. Please check on your students math homework each night. Math facts quiz will be Thursday.

Language Arts September 18-22

This week we will be reading from Scope Magazine, "Into the Storm". Students will complete activities taking note of point of view, characters, text structure, and inferences. We will also analyze commonly confused words. Students will have CHOMP for homework.