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 Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!!!
This page will be updated regularly with the plans for the week as well as any other vital information. 
Weekly Agenda for August 7th-11th
Monday(8/7)- Back to school introductions and expectations/ Meet the Teacher
Tuesday(8/8)- North America/South America map worksheet
Wednesday(8/9)- Asia/Africa map worksheet/Flocab video(Continents)/Continents and oceans video/Brainpop covering continents and oceans.
Thursday(8/10)- Bodies of water(North America) worksheet/ Review North American countries and capitals through class activity using PRO Board.
Friday(8/11)- Test over North/Central American countries and capitals, complete bodies of water worksheets
Weekly Agenda for August 14th-18th
Monday(8/14)- Chapter 11 vocabulary
Tuesday(8/15)- Finish chapter 11 vocabulary/ Brainpop over Romans/ Read over Chapter 11 section 1 in textbook, complete pg 328 #'s 1-4
Wednesday(8/16)- Continue discussion over Roman Empire, Make flash cards for Ch. 11 terms
Thursday(8/17)- Chapter 11 section 2 read, video over Roman Empire 
Friday(8/18)- Pax Romana Brainpop, review Ch. 11 flashcards, Quiz over Ch.11 Terms
Weekly Agenda for August 21st-25th
Monday(8/21)-  Discuss Padlet/ Flocab(Byzantine Empire/ Ch.11 Sect. 2/Flocab handout
Tuesday(8/22)- Discuss Padlet/ Section 2 vocal builder/ KAHOOT
Wednesday(8/23)- Padlet Prompt/ KAHOOT/Section 3 assessment
Thursday(8/24)- History video/Rules of Roman Republic handout/Study guide
Friday(8/25)- Padlet Prompt/Brainpop review test/Missing assignments 
Weekly Agenda for August 28th-September 1st
Monday(8/28)-  Roman Empire Review
Tuesday(8/29)- Roman Empire Review
Wednesday(8/30)-Roman Empire TEST
Thursday(8/31)- Roman Empire review of missed terms/ideas
Friday(9/1)- Islamic World Map/handout(s) 
Weekly Agenda for September 5th-8th
Tuesday(9/5)- Bellwork/ Map handout/ vocabulary word finder handout
Wednesday(9/6)-Bellwork/ Vocab builder section 1&2 handout
Thursday(9/7)- Bellwork/ Section 1 interactive reader handout/ Section 2 interactive reader handout/  Chapter 12, Sec. 1 Assessment, Page 357 #’s 1 and 2. Section 2 Assessment #’s 1-3 in book ALL letter questions
Friday(9/8)- Bellwork/ 

1. map/wordsearch handout

2.Vocab builder worksheet

3.Interactive readers sections 1 & 2

4. Khadijah Biography worksheet
Weekly Agenda for September 11th-September 14th
Monday(9/11)-  Geography bellwork/ Read Ch.12 Sect 1/ Section 1 assessment in book/ Vocabulary section 1 and 2
Tuesday(9/12)- Geography bellwork/ Vocal actions 1 and 2/ read Ch.12 Sect 2/ Section 2 assessment in book
Wednesday(9/13)- Geography bellwork/ Flocab videos (2)/ Brainpops videos/ Flashcards for vocabulary/ Study for quiz on sect. 1 and 2 tomorrow
Thursday(9/14)- Geography bellwork/ Quiz over Ch.12 sect 1&2/ Worksheet
Friday(9/15)- No school
Weekly Agenda for September 18th-September 22nd
Monday(9/18)-  Geography bellwork/ Define Ch.12 sect 3+4 terms/ Biography worksheet
Tuesday(9/19)- Geography bellwork/ Finish Vocab/ Read Ch.12 Sect 3/ Section 3 assessment/ 
Wednesday(9/20)- Geography bellwork/ Work in pairs with vocabulary/ Read Ch.12 sect. 4/ Section 4 Assessment 
Thursday(9/21)- Geography bellwork/ Two sided map activity/ Section 3 and 4 interactive readers
Friday(9/22)- Geography bellwork/ Study Guide for Islamic Empire Test/ Finish classwork