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 Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts!!!
This page will be updated regularly with the plans for the week as well as any other vital information. 
Weekly Agenda for August 7th-11th
Monday(8/7)- Back to school introductions and expectations/ Meet the Teacher
Tuesday(8/8)- Work on Chomp Homework
Wednesday(8/9)- DGP Notes/ Review Nouns
Thursday(8/10)- DGP Notes/ Noun/Pronoun practice
Friday(8/11)- Complete all bellwork/ Noun/Pronoun Test
Weekly Agenda for August 14th-18th
Monday(8/14)- Bellwork, Assign Schooled project, Plot Powerpoint/Notes
Tuesday(8/15)- Review DGP Notes(Pronouns), Flocab on Pronouns
Wednesday(8/16)- Pixar film, Plot diagram for film, Review plot
Thursday(8/17)- Quiz on plot, introduce parts of me assignment
Friday(8/18)- ELA Review Packet
Weekly Agenda for August 21st-25th
Monday(8/21)-  DGP/(2) Pixar films w/ plot diagrams/ Collect Schooled projects
Tuesday(8/22)- DGP/(1) Pixar film for Plot practice/ Graded assignment over plot
Wednesday(8/23)- DGP/ Choice book test/ Adverb/Adjective practice
Thursday(8/24)- DGP/ Adjective/Adverb practice/ Introduce verbs
Friday(8/25)- DGP/ Verb review/ Adjective/adverb review
Weekly Agenda for August 28th-Sept. 1st
Monday(8/28)-  DGP/Library Day
Tuesday(8/29)- DGP/Parts of Speech practice using Kahoot
Wednesday(8/30)- DGP/ TEST over Parts of Speech/ Rikki Tikki Tavi(RTT) introduction
Thursday(8/31)- DGP/ Flocab Keynote assignment/ RTT
Friday(9/1)- DGP/ Read/Listen through RTT
Weekly Agenda for September 5th-8th
Tuesday(9/5)- DGP/ DRP/ Review parts of speech(those worksheets we printed out)/ Start reading RTT
Wednesday(9/6)- DGP/DRP/ RTT/ Flocabulary Unit 2 
Thursday(9/7)- DGP/Test retake over CFA(Parts of speech)/  read RTT / Review Flocabulary Unit 2
Friday(9/8)- DGP/ Finish reading RTT/ assignment to review RTT  
Homework this week will be to complete the (3) Parts of Speech worksheets by Thursday class time.
Students are encouraged to study for their Parts of Speech test on Thursday and their Flocabulary Unit 2 terms for the test on Friday. 
Weekly Agenda for September 11th-Sept. 14th
Monday(9/11)-  DRP/ LIBRARY DAY
Tuesday(9/12)- DGP/DRP/ RTT reading
Wednesday(9/13)- DGP/DRP/ Powerschool assessment log-in and activity/ Read and discuss RTT
Thursday(9/14)- DGP/DRP/ Test over RTT/ Read and discuss "Into the Storm"
Friday(9/15)- NO SCHOOL
Weekly Agenda for September 18th-Sept. 22nd
Monday(9/11)-  DGP/DLR(Daily Language Review)/ Read "Into the Storm"/ SCOPE worksheets
Tuesday(9/12)- DGP/DLR(Daily Language Review)/ Finish reading "Into the Storm"/ SCOPE worksheets/ Video: "The Pea Island Story"
Wednesday(9/13)- DGP/DLR(Daily Language Review)/ SCOPE magazine(Commonly confused words)/ CCW worksheet
Thursday(9/14)- DGP/DLR(Daily Language Review)/ SCOPE Comprehension Assessment/ Commonly confused words practice
Friday(9/15)- DGP/DLR(Daily Language Review)/ Discussion over "Nothing but the Truth"(NBTT)/ Video related to NBTT