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Welcome to Mr. Zelinski's web page! On this page you can find out the happenings of my 6th grade Science and STEM classes.  
If any parents or students need to contact me they may do so at
  1. Standard Science 7:10-8:10
  2. Standard Science 8:15-9:10
  3. Standard Science 9:10-10:15
  4. Standard Science 10:15-11:55 
  5. Virtual Learning 11:55-12:55
  6. Planning 12:55-2

Current news and Info for 6th grade:


Remote Learning Learning Opportunity News








Week 8 Learning Opportunities (May 18-22)

Learning Opportunities Link:
Lesson 1: Go to and complete "Food Chain" and "Rabbit Population by Season"
Lesson 2: login to and complete the following lessons on Ecological Interactions: W.1, W.2, W.3, W.4, W.5, and W.6.
Lesson 3: Go to and type in your first name, last name, and school name as your login name. Answer the questions reviewing life science topics. Screen Shot and email results.

Week 7 Learning Opportunities

Link to Learning Opportunities:
Lesson 2: You will login to and complete these lessons on Ecosystems: V.1, V.2, and V.3.
Lesson 3: Go to Explore Learning (Gizmos) and complete Coral Reefs 1-Abiotic Factors and Coral Reefs 2-Biotic Factors.
Enrichment: Legends of Learning, there are several PLAYLISTS assigned to review LIFE SCIENCE- COMMUNICATION & SURVIVAL of SPECIES. The NEW PLAYLISTS are as follows: "COMMUNICATION AND SPECIES SURVIVAL" and "BIODIVERSITY AND HEALTH of ECOSYSTEMS." There is also a challenging review of all science skills in The Awakening Game. You can play The Awakening review game automatically once you log-in, but your assigned Playlists may not show up immediately.

Learning Opportunities (Week of April 27)

Lesson 1: Go to type in the code (VWQAC). You will read through the Nearpod presentation on convection and climate. As you go through the presentation, you will complete virtual field trips, quizzes, short answer responses and watch videos about convection and climate of given areas.
Lesson 2: 1. Students should go to to join. 2. Choose play teacher playlists, enter teacher code "BCSMIDDLE" and select Awakening Assignment. 3. New players will go through set-up and tutorial. 4. Students should find and enter the teacher assignments portal in base!
Lesson 3: Click on the link and play the GimKit. You can play as many times as you would like. 
(when you put in your name enter as: FIRST LAST AMSZ, 

Learning Opportunities (Week of April 13)

Learning Opportunities Link:
Lesson 1: Go to (Gizmo) and complete the 2 assignments (Conduction and Convection, Heat Absorption). No need to email I can see your results.
Lesson 2: Go to Legends of Learning ( and follow the instructions on the BCS page or step sheet sent last week. Complete assignment and take screenshot of results and email them.
Lesson 3: Log into and complete 6th Grade Topic I (thermal energy) lessons 1, 2, and 3 until a smart score of 80 or above is received. No need to email I can see your results.
Enrichment: Download document and complete. You can email me the completed assignment.
*****Put all submissions in one email*****

Learning Opportunities (week of April 6)

Week 2 Learning Opportunities Link:
Work Submission:
Lesson 1: complete the Gimkit (similar to Quizizz). Fun way to review and compete with classmates at the same time. No need to screenshot, I can see the results.
Lesson 2: download the Keynote and answer the questions on the Keynote. You can submit this to me via email.
Lesson 3/Enrichment: go to (website called Gizmo). Follow directions on the step sheet to log in/signup. Make sure you type in your code for the right class period. No need to screenshot because I can see your work.
  Class Codes for Lesson 3/Enrichment:
  • 1st Period: RCBPKK
  • 2nd Period: 7HXXWC
  • 3rd Period: 7GCZGC
  • 4th Period: JBBBB6


Next week we will be using something new called Gimkit, very similar to Quizizz. Students can go to and register for a free student account. Then click on the link below to join my group. Stay safe and hope to see everyone sooner than later!