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Welcome to Mr. Zelinski's web page! On this page you can find out the happenings of my 6th grade Science and STEM classes.  
If any parents or students need to contact me they may do so at
  1. Standard Science 7:10-8:10
  2. Standard Science 8:15-9:10
  3. Standard Science 9:10-10:15
  4. Exceptional Science 10:15-11:55 
  5. Planning 11:55-12:55
  6. STEM 12:55-2

Current news and Info for 6th grade:



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Quizizz Test Review

go too and enter the following codes for test review:
  • 460570
  • 740219
  • 784676
  • 151438

november 18 assignments

complete following Pearson assignments:
read Lesson 1: What is Climate? E-Text
Changes in Climate Planet Diary
Climate Connections Directed Virtual Lab
What Factors Affect Precipition? Key Concept Summary
What Factors Affect Temperature? Key Concept Summary
What Causes Climate?  Enrich

Limeaids for Learning

This month is Limeades for Learning month on Donor's Choose. Teachers can get a project a week funded. There are 2 ways someone can vote. You can do 3 free votes a day, everyday by clicking the link below, or you can do it with codes. Each time someone goes to Sonic they give a sticker with a code. I encourage you to either send the sticker to school with your student or vote on the link below. I appreciate any kind of help.

Week of September 23

1. Students will be given homework assignment on Monday and it is due Friday (Sept 27)
2. Chapter 2 Section 1 quiz on Friday (Sept 27)
3. Students have their logins for the Pearson website, they have all gone through on how to navigate it. They can access their textbook through this website for and extra resource to study.
4. STEM students are creating "Trash Sliders" this week, so if anyone has any 2 liter bottles that are empty and clean that they would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.