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Welcome to Mr. Zelinski's web page! On this page you can find out the happenings of my 6th grade Science and STEM classes.  
If any parents or students need to contact me they may do so at
  1. Planning 7:10-8:10
  2. STEM 8:15-9:10
  3. Science 9:10-10:15
  4. Science 10:15-11:55 (lunch 11:23-11:48)
  5. Science 11:55-12:55
  6. Exceptional Science 12:55-2

Recent Posts

7th Grade Immunization Requirement Sheet

Students will be bringing home a sheet about the new 7th grade immunization requirements.

Week of May 14

Science ABC books should be completed in class by the end of the week.
Laptops and chargers will be collected on Wednesday 5/16/18


STEM students should have Maker Faire projects completed by Friday. They may work on them during STEM class and at home.

Homeroom Laptops

Students should bring laptops and chargers in this week so that the equipment can be inspected/checked.

STEM and Science Announcements

If you have a child in STEM they are bringing home a Maker Faire packet along with a sheet that is to be signed saying you have seen the packet. I will also post the packet with rubric provided for the project.
For Science students they will be bring home the instructions for our in class project, "The ABC Book." For this project students will need a folder with the 3 prongs to put hole-punched paper and notebook paper. I will keep the students materials in the classroom because it is an in class assignment. The instruction paper is to be signed and returned by Wednesday, May 2.

Week of April 9

TCAP is quickly approaching! This Wednesday along with Monday and 
Wednesday of next week I will be holding some TCAP after school study sessions. Permission slips will be sent home when I return this week.

Week of March 26

Homework for the week will be to study for the Chapter 15 test. There is a study guide going home that can be filled out for extra credit. The Chapter 15 test is on Wednesday.


We start Chapter 15 on Electricity. This is the last chapter in the book and the last bit of information before TCAP.
Homework of the week:Chapter 15 Section 1 #1-6 (page 456), Chapter 15 Section 2 #1-4 (page 461), Chapter 15 Section 3 #1-3 (page 468) WRITE OUT QUESTIONS, DUE FRIDAY

Week of March 5

-Chapter 14 test is on Wednesday (there is a study guide available in the Resources/Power Points section)
-The only homework for the week is to study for the test
-the Family Life curriculum will be covered on Thursday and Friday


create 5 multiple choice questions (4 answer choices each) for Chapter 14 Section 1, create 5 multiple choice questions (4 answer choices each) for Chapter 14 Section 2. CAN BE DONE ON QUIZIZZ OR WRITTEN OUT ON PAPER.
Study for possible quiz

week of February 20

Homework: create 5 multiple choice questions (4 answers each) on the following topics: tide, tidal range, tidal bores, neap tide, spring tide
-Exceptional also has: page 400 Self Check #1-4
Chapter 13 test on Thursday

Week of Feb 5

Homework is posted in the Homework section. There will be a test on Chapters 11 and 12 on Thursday