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Welcome to my webpage! I am very excited to be at Appling, and I am looking forward to a great year in 7th grade! If you need to contact me for any reason, my email address is

1st period- Language Arts
2nd period- Language Arts
3rd period- Planning
4th period- Academic Exploration
5th period- Language Arts
6th period- Language Arts


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Monday- Preview and introduce SCOPE article and review for The Giver test
Tuesday- Read and mark-up the SCOPE article and review for The Giver
Wednesday- Analyze SCOPE article and play The Giver Jeopardy
Thursday- The Giver test and final activity
Friday- SCOPE evidence review

5/7- 5/11:

Monday- Read chapters 14-15 of The Giver and write TAW letter
Tuesday- FIELD DAY
Wednesday- Read chapters 16-17 of The Giver
Thursday- Read chapters 18-19 of The Giver
Friday- SCOPE article and practice activity
*NO HOMEWORK this week
*TAW letters are due by Friday (see my language arts page for instructions)
*Students may complete The Giver chapter summary pages for extra credit. They each have a copy of this. They will be due the day after we finish reading the novel.

4/30- 5/4:

Monday- review chapters 1-13 of The Giver
Tuesday- LIBRARY- 
Wednesday- Class review of The Giver 1-13 and SCOPE article
Thursday- Mid-book test over The Giver and continue SCOPE article
Friday- Open book quiz over SCOPE article and read chapter 14 of The Giver
*HOMEWORK- work on chapter summaries for The Giver

4/23- 4/27:

Monday- Read chapter 9 of The Giver and complete chapter summary
Tuesday- 8-10 vocabulary practice activities
Wednesday- Read chapter 10 of The Giver and complete the chapter summary
Thursday- Read chapters 11-12 of The Giver and complete the summaries
Friday- 9-10 vocabulary quiz and read chapter 13 of The Giver
*Homework- study for vocabulary test 

TCAP Testing

AMS will be completing the TNReady TCAP testing over the next two weeks. Please make sure you get a good night's rest, eat a healthy, breakfast, and bring pencils to school each morning.
*We will be on different schedules each day to accommodate testing.

4/16- 4/20

Monday- TCAP Review and begin vocal sheets
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Read The Giver chapter 8 and complete discussion guide
Thursday- Read The Giver chapter 9 and complete discussion guide
Friday- Read The Giver chapter 10 and complete discussion guide
*Homework- vocabulary chart for The Giver chapters 8-10 due Friday

4/9- 4/13:

Monday- Read and discuss "All Summer in a Day"
Tuesday- Read and discuss "How to Make Smores" 
Wednesday- Read and discuss "Ice Drift"
Thursday- Read and discuss "America's New Spacecraft"
Friday- Read and discuss "New Math"
*This week we will be doing a TNReady review of various skills taught throughout the year. Students will read multiple texts and complete TNReady style questions using those texts.
*HOMEWORK- Students will receive a passage daily to read and summarize for homework. We will use this story for an assessment the following day in class. 

Suddenly Someone Matinee

7th graders have the opportunity to attend the AMS production Suddenly Someone Thursday morning during school. Students who wish to attend should bring $5 to purchase their ticket to their homeroom teacher on Wednesday, April 4th. 

4/2- 4/6:

Monday- Review vocabulary for chapters 1-5 and read chapters 6 and 7
Tuesday- LIBRARY and read Chapter 8 for homework
Wednesday- Quiz on chapters 1-5 and practice commas
Thursday- Test over commas and practice using common prefixes and suffixes
Friday- Discuss chapters 8-9 and TCAP Practice
*CHOMP nightly 
*Students will read chapters 8-9 for homework

3/26- 3/30:

Monday- Read The Giver Chapter 4 and complete analysis
Tuesday- Work on vocabulary words and read chapter 5 and complete analysis
Wednesday- Notes and practice on commas
Thursday- TCAP Practice and The Giver quiz on chapters 1-5
Friday- NO SCHOOL- Good Friday
*CHOMP homework nightly

Kids Can

Don't forget to bring in 10 or more cans to help support the Kids Can Program. Each student that brings in at least 10 cans will be able to attend the faculty/ student volleyball game after TCAP!

3/19- 3/23:

Monday- Intro to The Giver
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Read chapter 1 of The Giver
Thursday- Read chapter 2 of The Giver and chapter 3 is homework
Friday- TCAP Review Day and POP quiz on The Giver 1-3
*CHOMP homework daily

2/26- 3/2

Monday- Introduce Flocab Unit 6 and finish revising Mushrooms essay
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Flocab exercise 6D and informational writing practice
Thursday- TCAP Practice 5 and Flocab exercise 6E
Friday- District CFA and Flocab exercise 6F
*Newton Presentation on Tuesday morning
*Club schedule on Thursday