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Welcome to my webpage! :) I am an 8th grade language arts teacher, and this year I am excited to again be teaching social studies! I am so grateful to be a part of Bartlett City Schools and Appling Middle School with each of you! 
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On this site you will find weekly lesson plans providing insight into our daily lessons, homework and projects, and other upcoming (graded and non-graded) activities. I will also provide some of the handouts and other important links and information that students and parents may need throughout the year.
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I expect my students to come in each day ready to learn and participate through listening, sharing, and doing. Together we will laugh, learn, and love 8th grade!!
I look forward to a wonderful year!
Mrs. Becker
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Recent Posts

Feb 10-14 Language Arts/Social Studies Schedule Adjustment

SS--We will be a bit behind the schedule posted in my lesson plans. Our wonderful field trip performance of Harriet Tubman lasted a bit longer than expected, so our social studies class only completed half of Monday's assignments. We will do the second part of Monday's assignment on 8.55 the Gold Rush on Tuesday (and try to get into Tuesday's work on 8-56). The material will be the same. It may be necessary for students to complete work at home to get us caught up.
LA--We will have shorter classes on Tuesday due to the Academy's visit Tuesday morning. We will be starting Act 1, scene 4 in class, but students will need to complete the reading of scene 4 on Tuesday/Wednesday at home AND complete the answers in their study guide/packet for Thursday. (Library Wed)

Schedule changes - Jan 8

  • First and Second period should complete questions for "The Lunch Date" by Friday! 
  • Second period will watch on Thursday not Wed, and
  • both classes will finish our Jigsaw activity for BW on Thursday.

6th period social studies!! Urgent!

Please bring your government foldable project to class or take a photo of your grade and send it via email. My recorded grades did not save!! If I do not see your project grade it will become a zero or you'll have to remake it!!

Book Projects!! Update!

First draft work is due SEPT 27!! At that time you will receive your final draft materials and folder.  FINAL draft is due OCT 4
PARENTS--the project documents are on my HOME page in the right column. PLEASE ASK YOUR STUDENT TO SHOW YOU HIS/HER WORK SO FAR!!! This project was assigned on Monday, Aug. 26!!
MONDAY, Sept. 16 will be a project work day (after PSA is completed) in class, so bring needed supplies!

LPLA Sept 2-7, 2019

Language arts lesson plans.
HW for Tuesday is the Powerpoint on Thesis Statements and Practice listed as an assignment. We didn't have time to do it in class. ALL ANSWERS to the practice activity should be on paper and checked as you watch the presentation. THIS IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF DOING THE HOMEWORK!

Link to learn how to identify the main idea...
To get an in-depth review, explanation and practice of run-ons and comma splices, go to
To check your understanding, go to
Language Arts Jeopardy