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Welcome to my webpage! :)
I am an 8th grade language arts teacher. I also teach Enriched Language Arts! I am so grateful to be a part of Bartlett City Schools and Appling Middle School with each of you!
On this site you will find weekly agendas providing insight into our daily lessons, homework and projects, and upcoming graded activities. I will also provide some of the handouts and other important information that students and parents may need throughout the year. You may also find provided links to helpful sites and other information as we move through our objectives and goals.
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I look forward to a wonderful year! I expect my students to come in each day ready to learn and participate through listening, sharing, and doing. Together we will laugh, learn, and love 8th grade!!
Mrs. Becker

Recent Posts

8th Grade End-of-Year Events Calendar

Please find the important dates for April and May in 8th grade. Contact me or your student's homeroom teacher if you have questions.
We cannot believe the end of the year is already upon us! Thank you for sharing your kids with us! 
Appling 8th teachers

Quizizz ACT 61-70 New Code

For those trying to complete the quiz for late credit, the new log in code is

LP April 9-13, 2018

Q4 Book Projects-be ready April 30!!
TESTING BEGINS MONDAY, April 16!! Please spend time on IXL practicing skills! Do those that have been starred (assigned) and any of those that haven't if you need the practice!

New Homework - Due April 11

All students should be completing the Writing Diagnostic assigned in the educational site. Please use this to help you prepare for our upcoming writing assessment.

Change in lesson plans!!

We will be skipping the Scope activity originally planned for this week and moving into the writing test practice activity on Wed. after our novel tests are completed.

LP Mar 26-30, 2018

  • I will be out of class Monday and Tuesday (until around lunch time).
  • We will complete the reading of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on Wednesday and complete our last packet work on Thursday.
  • IXL assignments and No Red Ink diagnostic will be completed on student computers in class or as homework this week!

LP Mar 19-23, 2018

Welcome to the LAST QUARTER OF MIDDLE SCHOOL!! Wow it doesn't seem possible! But we have SO much to do before it's done! So get ready because it's going to be FAST and FURIOUS!!
Q4 project due date = April 30 (subject to change, but GET READY!!)
Enriched Students:
  • Projects received before May 3 can earn EXTRA CREDIT!!
  • Please submit a copy of your project's grading rubric (noting the date of submission) with your project!          

LP March 5-9, 2018

Benchmark tests started today. Many finished but additional time will be needed on Tuesday. 
For AE and homework this week students are assigned IXL F.13-16 and L.5-7. This is not listed on the lesson plan. 
I will be adding IXL homework credit for H and K activities and two additional grades (a classwork grade and a novel quiz) before the end of the quarter. I am not sure if anything else will be added at this time. 
ENR students (2nd period) will have their collaborative project grade added as well!
Have a wonderful spring break!!