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Elementary to Middle School Transition

Elementary to Middle School Transition

For children going into middle school, there are many anxieties, apprehensions and fears to deal with and overcome. Middle schools are larger than elementary schools, the school work is harder to do, and there are more classes and more teachers – all with different expectations and personalities. If you have a child who is entering middle school for the first time, know that it is normal for your child to express concern and maybe even exhibit some acting out behavior over school issues.

Transition Tips for Parents

Don't be too anxious about your child going to middle school. He/She will take clues from you and if you are consistently talking to other parents about how worried you are, he/she will hear you. Your child is capable of handling middle school. You know this. Empower your child by letting them know that you know this.

Teach him/her daily organizational habits like checking an assignment sheet before leaving his/her locker everyday or packing up their book bag the night before and being sure they have everything they need for the next day.

Put up your child’s daily schedule on the refrigerator. This is a wonderful spot for them to check whether they have gym or band on that particular day. You will also be able to access your child’s schedule here and help him/her with gentle reminders.

Encourage your child to get involved in school activities. Be there when your child needs a ride or has a game.

Openly communicate to your preteen child that you are available to help them with what ever they need. While you may feel that your child knows this already, now is a good time to remind them.

Do not be afraid to communicate with your child’s middle school administrators, counselors, and teachers. They are there to help.