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Guidance Resources and Activities during COVID-19

Aroma Therapy Stress Balls


These are fun, creative, and something the whole family can do together. They are great for kids, teens, and adults. Get the family together and give it a try.  Click on the link for instructions.


Social/Emotional Activities


Activities and Pages include:

*Calming Scavenger Hunt

*Breathing Strategies Page

*Things I can control or let go

*Positive self talk

*50 Reasons to be Thankful

*Weekly Gratitude Journal Page

*Hygiene tips cooking page


Click on the PDF below to access pages.



Stress Management


       Establish a Routine.  Try to do things at the same time each day.  Wake up, get dressed, eat at the same time.

  1. Stay Connected.  To remain connected to friends and family, do virtual meetups, FaceTime, etc.  There are many ways to remain connected in this day and age of social distancing.
  2. Self-Care.  Set aside time every day for kids to do something for themselves or have quiet time. Make sure your kids get enough sleep, eat healthy and have some type of physical exercise each day.
  3.  Go outside whenever possible.
  4.  Limit social media and watching the news.
  5.  Check in with your child to see how he or she is feeling.
  6.  Plan activities such as fun games, puzzles
  7.  Focus on The Positive.  Reassurance and positive self-talk can go a long way.


For other suggestions click on the following stress management workbook. 



Internet Safety 


Suggested activity

Read the PDF powerpoint from below and discuss some of the topics with your child.  NetSmartzWorkshop offers the tip sheet “Social Media Safety for Teens” at   


Have teens read it and discuss why they are or are not following the tips. 


NetSmartz also has many other resources such as internet safety activities, lessons and videos for students to watch.