Appling Middle School

Peer Mediation

What is Peer Mediation?


  • Peer Helper programs in Middle schools serve to address conflicts via mediation where a third party enters the process to help parties referred to as disputants negotiate.
  •  Peer mediators try to help other students create win-win resolutions by listening to their needs and assisting them in communicating with one another. 
  • Although the mediators take charge of the process, the student disputants control the substance of what is discussed as well as the outcome of the discussion.


If you are interested in being a Peer Mediator, please print out the form below and/or see Ms. Pintchuck to get an application.  All applications are due no later than Friday, August 30st..  NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Benefits of Peer Mediation


  •      Peer Mediation resolves student conflicts. It works!
  •      Teaches students essential life skills.
  •      Motivates students to resolve conflicts collaboratively.
  •      Empowers students to resolve their own conflicts in a supervised setting.
  •      Increases self-esteem. When a mediation is successful, everyone feels better!
  •      Gives students greater insight and helps them appreciate diversity.
  •      Mediation provides a balance of autonomy and supervision.
  •      Conflicts are resolved which means less distraction from academics.
  •      It is preventive by helping prevent violent conflict.
  •      Improves school climate by fostering feelings of belonging and ownership over school life.


Having Conflict with a classmate? Peer Mediators are here to help! Click on the link below to refer yourself or another student to Peer Mediation.  Come see Ms. Pintchuck if you have any questions.