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Art in Room 312

Welcome to the Appling Middle 2016-2017 school year. I am looking forward to an exciting year with your child in Art. This Art course will have a strong emphasis on art techniques, art history and art criticism. We will spend the first semester studying the Elements of Art and the second semester studying the Principles of Design. I can be contacted at or 373-1410.


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We have art on display at the University of Memphis! If you are in the area please feel free to stop by and check out art from area Art teachers as well as their students. 
My 6th grade is celebrating the art of Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. We are making portraits using the grid system and a little assistance from their original image. So far they are looking beautiful! 
Contour, contour, contour!! My 8th graders are playing around with drawing faces using contour line and oil pastel. 
We are moving onto the notorious Perspective. Students will create a perspective based art project that will help them learn about space and depth in an artwork!

Welcome back to school!!!

Can you believe that we are already done with one semester? We are still working on our radial designs in the 6th and 7th grades, but our 8th graders are experimenting with watercolor. Please check back for a preview of the upcoming assignments. 

Our next project is utilizing our knowledge of Color Theory by creating a Radial Name design. Students will fold a square piece of paper and will radiate their names 8 times and will color it using warm and cool colors. 

Thanksgiving Break!!!

Thanksgiving Break is upon us and we are in the process of finishing our Yayoi Kusama projects. When we return from break we will be focusing on COLOR and using colored pencils to expand our coloring abilities. 


Hello all and welcome to another awesome year of Art. I hope that you are please with the projects and enriching activities that I offer you and your child. I also hope that we will create a few pieces that you will surely want to keep a hold of for years to come. 

My three day a week classes are learning about the human face and how to draw it in correct proportion. They have taken photos of themselves or friends and have chosen the grid method to reproduce it. 
This week our classes are starting to comprehend Value. They are creating a spooky Moon and Owl painting demonstrating 5 steps of Value.