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Welcome to
Mrs. Rhodis Thompson’s Eight Grade Science and Social Studies Classes
Appling Middle School

     Welcome to Eighth Grade at Appling Middle! I have the awesome opportunity of teaching 8th Grade Science and Social Studies. I hope this is your student’s best science experience yet! This year will be an exciting year of learning and success for the students, parents and myself.
      In Science, we will study a new 8th grade curriculum! We will explore science topics as Motion and Stability, Waves and their Applications in Technology, Biological Change, Earth and the Universe and Human Activity as well as Engineering Design. . We will use various hands on labs, research and projects to enhance our learning experience.
     In Social Studies our studies will take us back in US History. We will study Colonization of North America Reconstruction, the American West as well as some US Geography!
     This year promises to be another AWESOME year for Bartlett City Schools at Appling Middle School!
Thanks for allowing me to teach your student!!

Mrs. Thompson
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