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Classroom Expectations/WHAT System

In my classroom, students are expected to follow the WHAT system.



WHAT is the acronym for our discipline system. The WHAT system is meant to reinforce and teach what it is we expect from the students. WHAT covers student behavioral expectations in the classrooms, restrooms, hallways, cafeteria, buses, and flex areas such as during assemblies.


      W – Work to the Best of Your Ability

       H – Have What You Need to Succeed

       A – Act as a Responsible Student

       T- Treat People, Property, and Time with Respect


**Action Steps for WHAT:

The number of WHAT slips yield the following consequences:

     1 WHAT Slip   -     Written Warning

          2 WHAT Slips -     Note home to parent (may be an e-mail)

          3 WHAT Slips -     Phone call home and silent lunch 

          4 WHAT Slips - Detention

          5 WHAT Slips -     Required Parent Conference**

          6 WHAT Slips -     Office Referral


**Conduct is as follows for the WHAT Discipline Plan.

E = 0-1 Slips

G = 2 Slips

S = 3-4 Slips

N = 5 Slips

U = 6+ slips


*If a student serves ISS based on an office referral – they automatically have a G for conduct.  ISS drops the conduct one letter grade for the class of the infraction. Before or after school referrals impact HOMEROOM conduct.