Appling Middle School



Welcome to Ms. Stewart's home page.  

I am delighted to have your child in my class.   

My Affirmation of Teaching 

  • ·       I affirm that you are a gift to all who guide, care, mentor, parent and teach you.                                         
  • I affirm that you are our tomorrow and our today.                
  • I promise you safety, fun, challenges, and new learning. 
  • I promise to keep you as my center focus and allow you to share your voice.                                                Ms. Stewart

January 7, 2019 Welcome Back

STUDENTS: Remember to check the Bellringer and Journal Entries tab daily.

SCIENCE REMINDER: Parents and Students,

Throughout instruction students have bookmarked in Safari on their laptops the content that we are studying in class.  Currently, we are studying Cycles of Matter: carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water cycle, and phosphorus cycle. Visits to the bookmarked sites will provide informational text for the standards and objectives that we are covering.  By the end of the week will begin studying the Six Kingdoms.