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Welcome to Seventh Grade Language Arts! 

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Enjoy your summer vacation.
Be safe.
Don't forget your summer reading!

1.  For our students who will be 7th graders next year, remember shots must be updated to meet the Tennessee requirements for 7th grade students.  This must be done before school begins so that students will receive their schedules.

2.  Next year our students will be issued new laptops.  Each student will be issued a 13" MacBook Air.  This is the same model as this year with a larger screen.  Students will still need to pay the insurance fee, have a lock for their locker, a padded backpack, and sleeve for their devices. We strongly encourage you to purchase a hard shell laptop cover for the devices to protect them from damage.

3.  Our Summer Reading Lists and Grade Level Supply Lists are posted on our website now.  We will have a limited number of boxes to purchase on B Ready Day (registration day).  B Ready Day is on August 7. 

4.  In addition to the posted Supply Lists, specific teachers may request additional supplies.  I know that the Language Arts teachers will be requesting monies for the SCOPE magazine subscription during the first week of school.  Also, students will be able to purchase agenda books, PE uniforms, PE bags, and calculators on B Ready Day.

5.  We have many new faces who will be joining our family in August.  We have several teachers moving out of state and retiring this year.  We have hired some wonderful replacements for them and look forward to welcoming them to our family.

Again, thanks for all of your support this year.  Enjoy your summer and we will see you all in August.  Be safe and be blessed. 


 “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”     B.B. King