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About Mrs. Morhardt

I have always wanted to be a teacher - I can remember telling my second grade teacher in West Bloomfield, Michigan, that I was definitely going to be a teacher when I grew up! Now that I am all grown up and doing what I love, I cannot imagine any other career for me! After graduating from Calvin College, I spent two years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, Africa. I learned a great deal about myself, teaching, and the world during this time. 
Upon returning to the USA, I chose to move from chilly Michigan to warm, wonderful Memphis. I am now married and have a step son in 11th grade, an eight year old daughter, a six year old son, and my youngest daughter will be one in November -  My home is a busy place! I completed my Masters degree through Bethel University and have also taken up running in my “free” time. I completed my first (maybe only?) marathon in October of 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. 
This is my twelfth year teaching in Tennessee and I am SO excited to be here and to have such a marvelous group of children! 
You can contact me at 
Education: I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College. I  completed my MaEd at Bethel University. 
World Travel:  I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit 5 different continents! I was a very wide-eyed tourist in Australia. I worked as a classroom assistant in Holland (Europe) and visited Paris, France and London, England during that time. I helped a friend to teach English in Odawara, Japan (Asia). I have been to Canada, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and several states in the USA (North America). I worked as a Teacher Trainer in Uganda (Africa) as a member of the US Peace Corps and was able to visit Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa while stationed in Uganda. 
Treats - chocolate chip cookies, diet coke, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups; Starbucks vanilla latte
Fast Food - McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets with Sweet -n- sour sauce; Sonic Chicago style hot dog and Cherry Limeade 
Books - I love to read books intended for "young adults" like The Hunger Games, Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent
Magazines - All You, People 
TV Shows - American Ninja Warrior
Movies - Shrek, The Princess Bride 
Animals - Turtles and Cats 
Hobbies - running (very slowly!), reading, playing with my kids  

Recent Posts

Tic-Tac-Toe Year in Review Project Board - ALL Science Classes

This is a copy of the tic-tac-toe year in review project board that all students were given a copy of in class on Monday, April 23.  Students must select 3 projects in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to complete and must use a different topic that we've studied this year for each project.  If desired, students can complete an additional project for up to 20 points of extra credit.  Tentative due date is this Friday, April 27 - as we work this week I will tell students whether we will need to extend this due date based on how much students are able to get done each day with the shortened class periods due to TCAP testing.

7th Grade Science IXL Skills Practice

The attached list helps to identify the various IXL practice assignments that you can do to help prepare for TCAP.  You can select those standards/topics for which you need the most help to complete.  Remember, our class is participating in the IXL challenge for the month of April to try to win a pizza party by answering the most questions correctly (you must also "master" the topic for it to be counted).  Good luck and happy studying!

Asexual Reproduction Keynote or Foldable

The attached PDF contains information required for the asexual reproduction keynote or foldable.  Students may select which format (keynote or foldable) they want to use for this assignment.  If a keynote is selected, credit must be given for pictures used in the form of a citation on each slide or a slide at the end with the citations.