Dr. Thomas Denny » Class Expectations

Class Expectations


  •  AMS policies are in effect in ELA class at all times
  • It is expected that reading and homework be done when assigned
  • Be prepared to work every day
  • Try your best, do not go through the motions
  • Complete your work on time
  • Homework is due the next day unless otherwise noted
  • Homework is graded, sometimes for accuracy and sometimes for completion
  • We will complete many projects and writing assignments, they will be graded as assessments and should be treated as such
  • A total point method will be used to determine grades. You will have classwork, homework, and assessments.  Homework and classwork will be worth far fewer points than quizzes, tests, and projects.

Materials for Class:

  • A binder or folder – bring it to class everyday
  • Notebook Paper – keep it in your binder/ folder
  • Pen or pencils – have something to write with every day, you will write almost every day.
  • Highlighter – we will use these periodically
  • Colored Pencils – we will complete projects
  • Glue sticks – we will complete projects
  • Scissors – we will complete projects