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Expectations / W.H.A.T

Class Expectations:


Our classroom is governed by rules and expectations. Rules and expectations allow us to work collaboratively, be respectful of one another, be accountable for ourselves, and most importantly, set us up for success. To foster a conducive learning environment, please: 


  • Be prepared for class each day - folder, supplies, homework, assignments, iPad, attitude.
  • Remain engaged in the lesson by participating in classroom activities, discussions and tasks.
  • Complete independent and/or group tasks and assignments.
  • Ask or signal for assistance, if needed.
  • Be respectful of yourself, your classmates and all teachers.
Behavior Expectations (W.H.A.T):
WHAT is the acronym that our school uses for our discipline system. The WHAT system is meant to reinforce and teach actions and behaviors we expect from the students. WHAT covers student behavioral expectations in the classroom, restrooms, hallways, cafeteria, buses and flex areas such as during assemblies.
The following consequences are based on the amount of WHAT slips received, for the day, for the week, for the month, or for the year.
  • 1 WHAT Slip  - - -  Written Warning
  • 2 WHAT Slips - - - Note home to parent (may also consist of an email)
  • WHAT Slips - - - Phone call home and silent lunch
  • 4 WHAT Slips - - - Detention
  • 5 WHAT Slips - - - Required Parent Conference
  • 6 WHAT Slips - - - Office Referral
When students receive a WHAT slip, it also impacts their conduct.
Conduct is impacted in the following way:
  • E =  0 - 1 slips
  • G = 2 slips 
  • S =  3 - 4 slips
  • N = 5 slips
  • U = 6+ slips