Appling Middle School


Dear orchestra students and families of Appling Middle School,
GREETINGS to all of you!  I am so happy that we're "back to school"; whether you are attending in person or virtually, you are valued and cared for very much!  My goal is to always be the best orchestra teacher that I can be.  This year is no different; we will continue to learn to play, share music and teamwork.  The gift of music is wonderful!  Here's to a great year.
Music and other creative activities can really help during times like this.  PLEASE play your instrument often, listen to some music that you enjoy and dance/sing/celebrate with your family!!  
Click HERE for a video about our class!


Orchestra is on CURVE

All of your teachers will be using CURVE this year.  You get to our courses via your Clever log in.  
My Orchestra classes are organized by grade level: 6th, 7th and 8th.  Some of the lessons will be available to all grade levels, for example, "how to hold my violin", "how to hold the bow". These are a good review for returning students, as well as a resource for beginning players.

Here is the information about today's Black Violin masterclass.
Looks really good for learning to improvise and improve playing by ear!