Appling Middle School


Hello everyone! If you would like to do something kind for others here is your opportunity! You can go online for a few minutes to create a Valentines Day e-card for kids at St. Jude. The link is below: 
Welcome everyone! Below you can find my Orientation keynote with general classroom guidelines and information. Feel free to email me should you have any other questions that are not covered within the presentation.
Hello everyone! 
This is a general Q/A with the goal of verifying and assisting virtual learners. Sadly we do not have virtual learner schedules yet and will not be hosting zoom meetings for science until Wednesday or later this week. Please be patient with all teachers in these unprecedented times as we are working to be fully prepared to teach virtually. 
As of the moment materials for the first week of school can be found by going to Curve and then logging into Clever. Virtual students will need to go over and begin viewing all available assignments. Please note that these items have no due date. Updates to due dates will follow after Zoom meetings begin.
Here is the link for our 7th grade app! Please view the help videos especially the one that says upload a document in Curve.