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AMS Cheer

I am so excited for another year of Appling Basketball Cheer! This year we will have clinic on May 8 & 9 from 4:30 - 6:00. Tryouts will be on May 10 at 4:30. If your student makes the team, fittings for uniforms will be on Monday, May 22 @ 3:00pm. These will be at the school as well. Students should enter the building via the back parking lot. Tryouts will be held in the gym. Students should wear athletic clothes, tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle. This is a closed clinic and tryout, no spectators allowed. Students should be picked up promptly at 6pm after clinic. Students will be assigned a time for tryouts and will only need to be at the school at most 10 minutes. Please wait for your student to be done in the parking lot.  Cheerleaders will learn three cheers. They will choose two cheers to show for their tryout and will have an opportunity to show off any other flips or jumps. 
Costs: Uniform costs are approximately $500. This uniform will be able to be worn at least 2 years. There is an additional hospitality fee of $80 that will be paid to the school. This is for food during the basketball season. Applicable coaches fees.
Requirements: Students will be expected to attend all practices and games (of course with exceptions). Practices are on Monday and Wednesday from 2:30 - 4:00. Games begin in October and are typically on Monday and Thursday with varying times. Once games begin, we have some but not many practices. Students will also be expected to maintain a C average and an S in conduct. 
Please use the link to sign up!
Please email me with any additional questions [email protected]