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Language Arts ('19-'20) (Period 1st)

Mrs. Sandra Becker
8th Grade

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Week 2, Lesson 1 Actively Learn

Sorry about the confusion with I was told it was lesson one, but it isn't. Save those details for later!!
Lesson 1 this week is on a new site called
Your login information is -
class name for Appling Middle is: AMSELA2020
The code is: aimp8
Mrs. Kirk set up our school account so you will probably see only her name, but I should be able to see your work there as I am linked to her. :)
Email me if you have questions at

Commonlit assignment CHANGE - it's LESSON 3

See your email for link and login information. I have attempted to provide the link below as well. Hopefully one of them will work correctly so you will be able to answer on the Commonlit program. I hope. :) You should record answers on as the weekly assignments suggest (using your computer or on paper) just in case.

Using IXL for LA

We have set up a new free IXL account so that you can use it for language arts activities. You should have received an email with your IXL login for language arts activities. If you didn't receive this information, email me and I will look up your login information! Using this code should allow you full access to the program. Your social studies login will limit your use in language arts activities!
:) Have a nice weekend!! Stay safe!!
Mrs. B

Check Your Email

I have emailed each of you. Please check your school email for information as well as this webpage.


Hi to everyone and I miss you!

Teachers have been asked to provide academic activities for students that are review and practice only--not any new material. The assignments we selected for this week will be posted tomorrow and new assignments for next week and the following weeks will be posted then. You should have received an email from BCS providing a link to teacher assignments as follows:

Also, we are proud to launch our new Remote Learning Resources Site. This site will be updated regularly with teacher-created, grade level specific, learning opportunities starting on April 1st.  Students can use these resources to continue the academic progress they have made this school year.



Additionally, we have been asked to coordinate starting tomorrow with subject/grade teachers across the district to provide further review/practice activities. Look for more starting Monday. Remember that NO GRADING of activities will occur. 

Feel free to contact me any time via my email address.

Check here (using the class period links) for other online resources as well for our class starting today. You are also welcomed to use your computer to find your own practice activities. So many companies are providing free usage of their online materials--Google search activities based on areas you feel you need to practice (just like I told you to do before!)

Prayers that you are all well. Be safe and stay home,
Mrs. Becker 

Feb 10-14 Language Arts/Social Studies Schedule Adjustment

SS--We will be a bit behind the schedule posted in my lesson plans. Our wonderful field trip performance of Harriet Tubman lasted a bit longer than expected, so our social studies class only completed half of Monday's assignments. We will do the second part of Monday's assignment on 8.55 the Gold Rush on Tuesday (and try to get into Tuesday's work on 8-56). The material will be the same. It may be necessary for students to complete work at home to get us caught up.
LA--We will have shorter classes on Tuesday due to the Academy's visit Tuesday morning. We will be starting Act 1, scene 4 in class, but students will need to complete the reading of scene 4 on Tuesday/Wednesday at home AND complete the answers in their study guide/packet for Thursday. (Library Wed)