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Kelly McCormack
7th Grade

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Report Cards

Hello parents!!
Report card receipts need to be signed this weekend and are due by Tuesday of next week. 
Make sure your students have paid their library fines as well. Thank you!!

Dances coming up!

Just a reminder of upcoming events:
Homecoming Dance is on Thursday, December 7.
Snowflake Dance is Friday, December 8. 
More information will come soon!


Happy Sunday to all! Tomorrow and Tuesday in our math classes we will be taking the district wide assessment to check everyone's skills from what we have learned thus far. 
Please make sure your students laptops are fully charged for this test! (it is an online assessment)
Tutoring for this week is as follows: (2:15-3:15 pm)
Tuesday: Math Help
Wednesday: Homework Help
If you need an extra form let me know, I can send that home with your students. I have already noticed a difference in my students who have come to tutoring because it gives them some one-on-one help :) 
We will be having a test on Friday for both Social Studies and Math if all goes as planned!
Social Studies: Section 1 & 2 test over China's geography and the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties.
Math: Combining Like-Terms
As per usual, let me know if you need anything extra from me or if you have any questions. The grade book should be up to date and more will be added through the week!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I am excited to see all of your kiddos tomorrow morning! :) 
-Mrs. McCormack

7th Grade Picnic: Friday, Oct 6th

Hey parents! Our grade is having a picnic on Friday to enjoy the pretty weather and celebrate fall break coming up! :) Please send back to school the yellow form that I sent home with your students! They need it signed with the lunch selection chosen. This is very important and is due on Wednesday. I gave this out on Friday of last week. I still need half of my home rooms forms.
Mrs. McCormack

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

Math Facts quiz on Thursday
Test over all operations involving fractions and decimals on Friday.
Social Studies:
Test over sections 3&4 on Friday.

Useful Website

A lot of my parents ask for websites to use at home for reinforcement of what we do in the classroom.
Here is one of the best:
Set your student up with a free account and make sure the settings are set to 7th grade math. They will have the opportunity to watch video tutorials of what we are doing in class AND have practice quizzes and it keeps up with your progress! Great website, I've been doing research to find the best one to tell you all about! Hope it is a useful resource to you! :)
This is a good start to where we are at in class:
Happy Thursday!
We are one step closer to the weekend!

Math Facts Quiz

Our math facts quiz is over number line equations tomorrow.
This is an easy way to pull up those math averages!
They got the exact duplicate of the quiz on Monday, we went over the answers on Tuesday and they had last night and tonight to review it! :) 

Math Homework

Make sure your students are doing the EVENS on their math homework worksheet tonight :) Tomorrow we will start Order Of Operations with fractions! 
Have a good night!

Go Jim Go!

Our School is participating in a fundraiser for Le Bonheur Children's hospital. It is a competition between homerooms to see which class can raise the most money. As of now, our homeroom has raised 12 dollars. Let's give what we can to support this local hospital!! Taking donations until Wednesday of next week. Check or cash! Thanks in advance! :) 

Multiplying Fractions Test

We have our test tomorrow over multiplying and dividing fractions! We have been reviewing and I am confident they will do well. I am going to post a PowerPoint on my PowerPoint tab that is a review game for them! They can use this jeopardy game to help them prepare and have some sample questions.
Happy Wednesday!

Extra Credit-Math

Students who made a 70 or below have the opportunity to correct their missed answers and turn it back into me for partial credit towards each answer! :) 
They also all have a coordinate grid that is due to me by Friday for 15 extra points!
If you are worried/concerned with your students interim grades don't hesitate to contact me. The math we have started with has been tough, I am confident your students will have plenty of time to pull those grades up! :) 
Happy Wednesday!

Parent/ Student Contract

Parents, all of your students should have brought home a Parent/Student Contract for you both to sign and return to school. In case they have lost it, I am attaching it here.
Please have your students bring these back to their homeroom teachers ASAP!!!

Tuesday Test

Tuesday, August 29th, we will be having a test over multiplying integers and order of operations. 
This was a challenging section and I told my students on Friday that if they wanted to stay late on tomorrow after school I will be willing to do some extra practice/ group tutoring for the test on Tuesday! :) 
Not required- just an option for your students to stay after school tomorrow from 2:15-3:00 to get some extra practice in! 
Happy Sunday! I will see all of your kiddos bring and early tomorrow!
-Mrs. McCormack