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Welcome to my webpage! I am very excited to be at Appling, and I am looking forward to a great year in 7th grade! If you need to contact me for any reason, my email address is

1st period- Language Arts
2nd period- Language Arts
3rd period- Planning
4th period- Academic Exploration
5th period- Language Arts
6th period- Language Arts


Recent Posts

11/13- 11/18:

Monday- Read and discuss NBTT chapters 13 and 14
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Read and discuss NBTT chapter 15 and practice Flocab words
Thursday- Read and discuss NBTT chapter 16 and review for quiz
Friday- NBTT chapters 13-16 quiz and Flocab practice
Flocab 5 words: admonish, anonymous, astute, bystander, casualty, deceased, downright, grimy, homage, hurtle, legitimate, lethal, magnitude, stodgy, utmost

11/6- 11/10

Monday- Review Nothing but the Truth Chapter 11 and practice Flocab
Tuesday- Read and discuss NBTT Chapter 12-13 and practice Flocab
Wednesday- ELA Benchmark testing
Thursday- Flocab Lesson 4 quiz and finish ELA Benchmark Test
Friday- Read and discuss Chapter 14

10/30- 11/3

Monday- Introduce Flocab 4 words and finish reading "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Flocab 4D- GRADED exercise and Watch "Monsters" episode and complete compare/ and contrast
Thursday- Test on "Monsters"
Friday- read NBTT Chapter 12
Flocab 4 words- 

brawl, potential, gaudy, peevish, illiterate, awed, acclaim, acrid, retort
lavish, braggart, vicious, dumbfounded, docile, vista

10/23- 10/27

Monday, 10/23- Cold write of an argumentative essay.
Tuesday, 10/24- Notes on argumentative writing and graded assignment on Fact and Opinion
Wednesday, 10/25- Review thesis statements and read NBTT chapter 11
Thursday, 10/26- Critique exemplar essays and finish reading NBTT Chapter 11
Friday, 10/27- Read "Monsters and Due on Maple Street" and discuss exposition

10/16- 10/20

Monday- Read Nothing but the Truth Chapter 10 and answer the provided character analysis
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Review Jeopardy on Chapters 1-10 of NBTT and SCOPE reading
Thursday- Review Kahoot on Chapters 1-10 of NBTT and SCOPE assignment
Friday- Quiz over NBTT Chapters 1-10

10/2- 10/6

Monday- Flocab exercise 3D- Fix the Mistake (context clues)
               Study Guide and review Kahoot for Plot Elements Test
Tuesday- Plot Elements Test
               Flocab exercise 3E- Pick the Winner (context clues)
Wednesday- Flocab exercise 3F-Draw the Relationship (synonym and antonym)
                     Read Chapter 10 of Nothing but the Truth and discuss rising action
Thursday- Flocab 3 Test
                 Independent reading "Monkey's Paw" from SCOPE
Friday- Class reading and discussion of "Monkey's Paw" from SCOPE
Grades- Plot quiz and Flocab Quiz
Homework- CHOMP

Flocabulary Keynote Requirements

***Do in class on Friday, 29th***
You should have a total of 17 slides.
Slide 1- Title Slide (name, assignment, class period)
Slides 2- 16- Vocabulary Words (word, definition(s), sentence, synonym and antonym, and picture to match sentence or word
Slide 17- Credits for each picture that used in the Keynote

9/25- 9/29

Monday- Flocab 3 Intro and Introduction to our new novel, Nothing but the Truth
Tuesday- LIBRARY (students will need a fully charged laptop)
Wednesday-  Begin reading Nothing but the Truth and discuss exposition
Thursday- Continue reading Nothing but the Truth and discuss character
Friday- Continue reading Nothing but the Truth and discuss conflict
*Flocab 3 Keynote due on Friday (graded)

9/18- 9/22

Monday- Finish reading and marking up "Into the Storm" from SCOPE
Tuesday- "Into the Storm" plot activities
Wednesday- Finish "Into the Storm" activities and work on commonly confused words
Thursday- "Into the Storm" quiz and more practice with commonly confused words
Friday- Pre-reading for our first class novel- Nothing but the Truth

9/11- 9/15

Monday- Finish reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi" and complete plot journal
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Review for "RTT" test and read "Into the Storm" from SCOPE
Thursday- "RTT" test and finish reading SCOPE article
Friday- Teacher Inservice/ NO SCHOOL

9/4- 9/8

Tuesday- Classwork grade on Flocab words, practice parts of speech
Wednesday- Practice Flocab exercises, continue reading "RTT"
Thursday- Parts of Speech Retake and continue reading "RTT"
Friday- Flocab test and Finish reading "RTT"

8/28- 9/1

 Monday- Review Parts of Speech
Tuesday- LIBRARY
Wednesday- Parts of Speech Test
                   -Begin reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi"
Thursday- Continue reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi" and discuss exposition
Friday- Continue reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi" and discuss rising action 
Vocabulary words- TEST on Thursday, September 7th
acquire   aspire   chorus   conjure   defy   firebrand   gravity   magnetic 
mirth   quench   subtle   sullen   toxic   urgent   wary