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Welcome to my webpage! I am very excited to have your child in my Science class this 2017 school year.   We are

continuing to make history with our fourth year of the Bartlett School System.  I could not be happier

 to be a part of the Appling Middle family!  I will be teaching four science classes and hold a STEM class this year.  

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.


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Presentation Board Requirements

Project Board: Requirements

Statement of Problem & Need (10 pts)

Prototype Proposal (5pts)

List of Materials to create prototype (10 pts)

1st Prototype - what/how/why/creation (10 pts)

Procedure for testing - what did you do? How? (10 pts)

2nd Prototype - what/how/why/creation (10 pts)

Procedure for testing - what did you do? How?

Results - DATA displayed in a chart(s) and also graph(s) (10 pts) Also - discuss what the data means

Conclusion/Analysis of the project/trials/results (5pts)


Presentation - will also need the actual prototype setup (20pts) and ONE journal from testing w/DATA (10 pts)

All of the above is for a total of 100 points

Engineering Design Written Report points assigned

• Title Page (5 pts)

• Table of Contents (5 pts)

• Statement of Need/Problem being addressed (5 pts)

• Prototype Proposal (5 pts)

• Research section (4-5 paragraphs) (20 pts)

• Design requirements ( 10 pts)

• Beginning prototype (materials&procedure) (10 pts)

Design:testing recording, and analyzing prototype (10 pts)

• Ending Prototype design: (10 pts)

Redesigning, retesting, recording and analyzing (10 pts

• Conclusion (5 pts)

• Bibliography/Acknowledgements ( 5 pts)


The Format for your Written Report for your Design Engineering Process Project is found here!

The written report for the project should include the following:


• Title Page

• Table of Contents

• Statement of Need

• Prototype Proposal

• Research

• Design requirements

• Beginning prototype design: testing, recording, and analyzing prototype

• Ending Prototype design:

Redesigning, retesting, recording and analyzing

• Conclusion

• Bibliography

• Acknowledgement 


Chap.13 Sec. 3 How do Tides Work??? Shown in class!!!!

Watch this over and over!!!! Know it like your name!!

Chap. 13 Sec. 2 Different temps and densities experiment - super cool

Can you figure out which color is which? Cold salty, warm salty, cold fresh, warm fresh, room temperature salty???