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Welcome to 8th Math! I am happy to have you join me for a year of learning.
My goal is to help you make progress and to gain this progress with pride, effort, and enjoyment. Additionally, it is important to develop the skills you will need in order to be successful in high school as well as later in life, such as: organization, responsibility, preparedness, and respect.
Please be assured that I will provide your child with everything he or she needs to be successful with your help.
It is my desire to help students to overcome any type of math anxiety that he or she may have and to be comfortable with math.
I invite students, parents and guardians to contact me with any questions, concerns, or feedback via my email address

I look forward to working with you this year.
Parents, please sign up for REMIND.  I communicate ALOT using this tool.  
School Announcements for Week of August 14th 
  • Laptop distribution for returning students to Appling will begin on Wednesday. Parents can pay on line or send in insurance monies beginning Monday. The form to use can be found online.
  • Back to School Bounce Party, Friday, August 14th during the last 2 class periods. Cost is $7. Please send form & $$ by student no later than Thursday.
  • Please turn in ALL papers sent home.
  • CitySaver books went home last Thursday. This is one of the fundraisers for our school.
School Announcements for Week of August 21st
  • Solar Eclipse viewing Monday, 21st. Students need to turn in Permission slips for this event.
  • 8th Grade Orientation Night will be Wednesday, August 23rd.


Recent Posts

August 7th - 11th

 Monday - School Polices, All About Me Forms
Due tomorrow- Parent Communication, Class Procedure, Parent Homework
Tuesday - Class Procedures, Math Expectations
Wednesday - Diagnostic Test
Thursday - 1:Rational & Irrational Numbers
Friday - 1:Rational & Irrational Numbers & Quiz on School Policies/Procedures

MATH TCAP SCHEDULE - Week of April 24th

We will be testing for 3 consecutive days.
Tuesday - Subtest 1 - No calculators can be used.
Wednesday - Subtest 2 - Calculators may be used.
Thursday - Subtest 3 - Calculators may be used. 


Get plenty of sleep.
Study over all practice tests.
Eat a good breakfast.
Make sure you have the right calculator. TI-30 or TI-34.

April 17th - 21st

Monday - Last Chance TCAP Practice Test
Tuesday - Post Review & Analysis of TCAP Practice Test
Wednesday - Radical Expressions Approximations
Thursday - Rational or Irrational
Friday - Slope Intercept Form Practice
**Work Daily in Powertest**

SUMMER PACKETS DUE Monday, August 15th

Students were given this to do during their last week of school in 7th grade.  It was also posted online.  All new students to Appling, will have a due date of September 6th.

Agenda - August 8th - 12th

Monday - All About Me
Tuesday - Expectations
Wednesday - AIMSWEB testing 
Thursday - Pre-Test
Friday - 1-1 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions NOTES & Practice