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Welcome to my webpage! :)
I am an 8th grade language arts teacher. I also teach Enriched Language Arts! I am so grateful to be a part of Bartlett City Schools and Appling Middle School with each of you!
On this site you will find weekly agendas providing insight into our daily lessons, homework and projects, and upcoming graded activities. I will also provide some of the handouts and other important information that students and parents may need throughout the year. You may also find provided links to helpful sites and other information as we move through our objectives and goals.
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I look forward to a wonderful year! I expect my students to come in each day ready to learn and participate through listening, sharing, and doing. Together we will laugh, learn, and love 8th grade!!
Mrs. Becker


Recent Posts

LP Nov 13-17, 2017

Continuing our work on IXL:
  • Students should have completed N.1-7 (except 3) by 11-13.
  • This week students will complete S.4 (not S.1) and P. 1 and 2.
  • Due Friday, Nov. 17
ACT organizers for list words 21-30 - due Nov. 27.

LP Nov 6-10

  • This week we take our first district benchmark test to evaluate where students are in LA at this time.
  • We will also be creating an informative essay sharing knowledge of Malala. This will be a graded writing!
  • Clubs will happen again on Thursday, so we'll be on Activities Schedule.
  • Q2 Book Projects are due in 4 weeks! Presentations begin Dec. 4.
  • If you have a veteran you would like to honor and have lunch with, please send in the Heroes for Heroes form this week!
  • PARENTS--PLEASE be sure your student is charging his/her laptop every night!

I Am Malala Research Project starts Friday, Oct. 20!

Attached is the copy of the project information students are receiving on Friday, Oct. 20. They will also have a copy of the grading rubric with their packet. All students will be participating in a GROUP RESEARCH project to finish up our study of I Am Malala. All topics are related to elements of her story. The estimated timeline has been given to students in the expectations notes, but it may need to be modified to meet our needs. (Oct 23-27 is going to be a VERY busy week!). All project grades will be the grade earned by the entire group. Cooperation, responsibility, and best effort are crucial to everyone's success!
Our first 10 ACT vocabulary graphic organizers are due on TUESDAY! Students should be studying these words and we will do some additional work to help understand and use these words. TEST IS FRIDAY!  :)

AGENDA October 16-20 and CHANGES!!

Welcome to the second quarter!! 
We are making some changes in our daily activities.
  • We will not do daily journals! (We may do individual journals as they relate to topics in class.)
  • Students will be viewing Channel One together.
    • Each student will keep a "journal" of Channel One responses on his/her laptop using Keynote, Power Point, or Pages. Create a slide presentation called “Channel One” and create ONE SLIDE PER WEEK with your responses.
    • Responses will be either a personal reflection (thoughts/opinions) or an objective summary over one or all stories viewed.
    • Each response should be 1-3 complete sentences and should include 1-2 ACT words of the week.
  • Our "First Five" time will alternate weekly between ACT words and DGP sentences.
  • All students will be creating graphic organizers for the ACT words provided on Oct 16 (gold packet).
    • We will do 10 words every two weeks.
    • Students will be able to choose between provided paper organizers or using a program on their laptop.
    • Organizers will be graded (the second week) at 10 points per word.
    • Students will be expected to use the ACT words in their writing activities including Channel One responses. (See above Channel One instructions.)
    • Students will be tested on the words at the end of each two weeks.  
**Students will receive a copy of these instructions on October 16.**

Agenda Oct 2-6 / changes for Q2

THANK YOU PARENTS! We have all of our SCOPE Magazines paid for and we will begin using them this week! 
Please check grades carefully and get all missing work in IMMEDIATELY!
I should have all project grades in by Tuesday evening this week. First, second, and third period scores are recorded. Fourth period scores are coming asap!!
So excited about the great work done this quarter!
Continue working on cursive writing daily. Start using it in classes!
I am making a few changes in the second quarter:
  1. We will start viewing Channel One each day and using it as a writing prompt. All writing responses will be done on laptops, so be sure they are charged 100% each morning. This will take the place of our journal topics.
  2. ACT vocabulary will be assigned to all students. Organizers for each vocabulary word should be completed on laptops as a keynote/powerpoint or on paper if preferred. More information to come!!
I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable fall break!  

Picnic letter

Choose one of the options for our Oct 6 picnic. If you want the hotdog lunch, also send $2 and select your drink preference. Use this document if you do not have the handout given in homeroom.