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Art in Room 312

Welcome to the Appling Middle 2016-2017 school year. I am looking forward to an exciting year with your child in Art. This Art course will have a strong emphasis on art techniques, art history and art criticism. We will spend the first semester studying the Elements of Art and the second semester studying the Principles of Design. I can be contacted at or 373-1410.


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Hello all and welcome to another awesome year of Art. I hope that you are please with the projects and enriching activities that I offer you and your child. I also hope that we will create a few pieces that you will surely want to keep a hold of for years to come. 

My three day a week classes are learning about the human face and how to draw it in correct proportion. They have taken photos of themselves or friends and have chosen the grid method to reproduce it. 
This week our classes are starting to comprehend Value. They are creating a spooky Moon and Owl painting demonstrating 5 steps of Value. 
We are working on a sketchbook assignment called the "I am" poem. The photo above is a shorter version. If your child doesn't have a sketchbook could you please go shopping for one so that they may have it at school after fall break! 
We are starting to finish up our Illuminated Letters!!! We passed back graded artwork today so your child should bring home some awesome stuff for you to hang up on the wall or refrigerator!! 

AMS Preview Night

This is a little presentation that Ms. Carver and I made for our preview night this week. It shows our talent here at AMS!!!!

Edible Color Wheels

Today our 7th and 8th grader showed off their color theory skills by creating an edible color wheel using frosting, food coloring and vanilla wafers.

Sketchbooks and Folders

In order for us to take notes and accumulate Art information your child must have a folder or a sketchbook. These are mandatory and part of their overall grade. 

  • If your child has Art on Mondays and Fridays they need to have a folder. Each class has a specific color. 

    6-1 Red and 6-2 Orange
    o 7-1 Yellow and 7-2 Green
    o 8-1 Blue and 8-2 Violet

  • If your child has Art on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday they need a sketchbook. You may purchase one at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They need to be 9" x 12", have at least 50 pages and should have 80lb. paper so that we can paint in them.