Appling Middle School

About Mrs. Morhardt

I have always wanted to be a teacher - I can remember telling my second grade teacher in West Bloomfield, Michigan, that I was definitely going to be a teacher when I grew up! Now that I am all grown up and doing what I love, I cannot imagine any other career for me! After graduating from Calvin College, I spent two years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, Africa. I learned a great deal about myself, teaching, and the world during this time. 
Upon returning to the USA, I chose to move from chilly Michigan to warm, wonderful Memphis. I am now married and have a step son in 11th grade, an eight year old daughter, a six year old son, and my youngest daughter will be one in November -  My home is a busy place! I completed my Masters degree through Bethel University and have also taken up running in my “free” time. I completed my first (maybe only?) marathon in October of 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. 
This is my twelfth year teaching in Tennessee and I am SO excited to be here and to have such a marvelous group of children! 
You can contact me at 
Education: I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College. I  completed my MaEd at Bethel University. 
World Travel:  I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit 5 different continents! I was a very wide-eyed tourist in Australia. I worked as a classroom assistant in Holland (Europe) and visited Paris, France and London, England during that time. I helped a friend to teach English in Odawara, Japan (Asia). I have been to Canada, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and several states in the USA (North America). I worked as a Teacher Trainer in Uganda (Africa) as a member of the US Peace Corps and was able to visit Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa while stationed in Uganda. 
Treats - chocolate chip cookies, diet coke, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups; Starbucks vanilla latte
Fast Food - McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets with Sweet -n- sour sauce; Sonic Chicago style hot dog and Cherry Limeade 
Books - I love to read books intended for "young adults" like The Hunger Games, Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent
Magazines - All You, People 
TV Shows - American Ninja Warrior
Movies - Shrek, The Princess Bride 
Animals - Turtles and Cats 
Hobbies - running (very slowly!), reading, playing with my kids