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Enriched LA Second Period

Mrs. Sandra Becker
8th Grade

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LP Nov 27-Dec 1, 2017

One week until Q2 Book Projects are due.
Make sure you READ the PROJECT EXPECTATIONS! We will review them in class on Tuesday.
Students should be:
  • working on practice work.
  • reviewing ACT vocabulary 1-30 DAILY! TEST Friday.

LP ENRICHED Nov 13-17, 2017

  • IXL work this week should say S.4 (not S.1). Due Friday, Nov. 17.
  • ACT Vocabulary work this week requires students to create a review activity to complete with their collaborative groups next Monday, Nov. 20. It can be on paper or on their laptops--be creative (but keep it simple)  using at least half of our words 1-50. 
    • For Q2 = 2 projects are due (and the research counts as 1)
    • For Q3 = 2 projects are due
    • For Q3 = 2 projects are due by May 1
  • These projects can be turned in any time during the quarter up to one week before the end of quarter and each group project will be presented.  I would love to hear some of their essays as well.

I Am Malala Research Project starts Friday, Oct. 20!

Attached is the copy of the project information students are receiving on Friday, Oct. 20. They will also have a copy of the grading rubric with their packet. All students will be participating in a GROUP RESEARCH project to finish up our study of I Am Malala. All topics are related to elements of her story. The estimated timeline has been given to students in the expectations notes, but it may need to be modified to meet our needs. (Oct 23-27 is going to be a VERY busy week!). All project grades will be the grade earned by the entire group. Cooperation, responsibility, and best effort are crucial to everyone's success!
Our first 10 ACT vocabulary graphic organizers are due on TUESDAY! Students should be studying these words and we will do some additional work to help understand and use these words. TEST IS FRIDAY!  :)

AGENDA October 16-20

Welcome to the second quarter!
*Please include in this week's agenda -
       ACT vocabulary 31-40 organizers, due Tuesday, Oct 24.
A couple of changes to note:
  • Students should use at least 1-3 ACT (current or previous) vocabulary words to journal writing responses.
  • Journal topics can be modified any day that a specific topic is not given. This means that if you have a topic to share on Marvelous Monday that is important but not "marvelous" you can write about your topic. Give it a different alliteration title.
  • Students will be viewing Channel One together.
    • Each student will keep a "journal" of Channel One responses on his/her laptop using Keynote, Power Point, or Pages.
    • Create a slide presentation called “Channel One” and create ONE SLIDE PER WEEK with your responses.
    • Responses will be either a personal reflection (thoughts/opinions) or an objective summary over one or all stories viewed.
    • Each response should be 3-5 complete sentences and should include 2-3 ACT words of the week.