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6th grade band (Period  1st`)

Angela Sanders

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 Welcome to 6th grade band!  We are going to have a great year learning to play instruments and reading music!

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December 2017 Calendar

Here is the December calendar.... we are quite busy!  Take note of these things:
Required rehearsals (part of your grade and responsibility:  
6th grade:  Wed. Dec. 6 until 4:00
7th grade:  Tues. Dec. 5 until 4:00
8th grade:  Wed. Nov. 29 until 4:00
***Holiday Concert - Dec. 7*** (Performances are what we do and our time to shine  and show off :). They are required and are a huge part of your grade) - 6:30 pm at New Hope Christian Church (corner of Whitten and Yale).  Be there 6 pm.  Wear concert black - black bottoms, white shirt (guys wear a tie), black socks and shoes, and Santa or Christmas hats are optional.  
Dec. 1 is deadline for UT Martin Honor Band applications but I really need them in by 11/30 because it will send me a link of something to fill out about you.  If chosen, this even will be Jan. 25-27.  
Dec. 1 is the deadline for the spring trip $75 deposit and also for solo/ensemble auditions for the holiday concert
Jazz band will go on a holiday nursing home tour on Dec. 12...... more info to come.
Honor and Jazz Band will both perform at the holiday assembly on Wed. 12/20 on the last day of school before break.
There will be several All-West help sessions both after school and a few before school to help you with your music and to have a time and a place to practice.  I hope to get some of our high schoolers and perhaps college students to come help at these.  All-West auditions are Jan. 13..... don't procrastinate!
Stay on top of your Smart Music assignments that have deadlines in December as well...... use this as a tool to help you!
Ready for an awesome December!
Mrs. Sanders

Announcements for 10/30 Week

Thank you to all that helped with our Halloween Dance last Friday!  We had a great turn out of kids and so many parent volunteers.  The costumes were great and the kids had a great time.  Thanks for donating food and drink items.  We will use our leftovers in the concession stand.
 If you have any leftover treat size candy, please donate them to the band as I will be giving prizes in the next few months for good behavior, scale pass offs, etc.......
We will be starting our holiday concert heavily in upcoming weeks for our holiday concert on Dec. 7.  When music is given to you, please make sure to work hard on it because we don't have much class time.
7th and 8th graders are learning a scale a week until we we have learned all twelve of our scales.  We are on scale #8 G concert this week so please work on learning and memorizing that scale and reviewing scales #1-7.  
Snart Music assignments will be due this Sunday 11/5 for 6th graders (#38, 42,43,44,45) and Wednesday 11/8 for 7th and 8th graders (7th grade #29,24,25 and 8th grade #34, 42, and Smart Music rhythm 3-16).  There are also assignments posted due 12/10 for 6th grade and 11/22 for 7th and 8th grade with more assignments coming on the All-West music for our 7th and 8th graders.    Please keep up with these and work on them!
Our schedule for this week:
Monday - Honor Band
Tuesday - Jazz Band first rehearsal
Wednesday - Honor Band
Friday - Veteran's Day group rehearsal
We will be collecting sizes and taking orders this week for Veteran's day shirts to wear at our performances this week.  Look for a note and/or email about that.
Looking forward to a great week!
Mrs. Sanders

Bandmasters Championship tickets

If anyone is interested in free comp student tickets for the Bandmasters Championship marching competition this Saturday 10/21, please see me and tell me how many by Friday.  There is more information and a schedule at  

Honor and Jazz Audition Times

I hope everyone has been practicing for the Appling honor and jazz band auditions this week.  I have attached a copy of the audition times that students signed up for in class before fall break.  We are on a very strict schedule so everyone must come on their assigned day.  If you did not sign up or come on the wrong day, we will try to work you in but we cannot do that for everyone so please double check your times.  If you have a late time, then you can stay in the band room and practice up until your assigned time or do homework.  We will have a band parent that supervises students while I am holding auditions.  
Make sure that you are prepared so that we can keep the auditions running as smoothly as possible.  The audition time should not be a time where you are "learning" your music but should be a audition....... there are only 4 minute time intervals.  For honor band, students should know the chromatic scale, the first six scales on their scale sheet and I will pick two (C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db) and the marked spots of their audition music.  For jazz band, students should know "Cherry Point" and "It is What it Is".  I will post audition spots on this by Monday afternoon so that you can zone in more on specific spots.  Use Smart Music to work on all of this music..... it is a great tool!   It does not need to be up to tempo yet and I know it will not be perfect, but this will help prepare you for All-West auditions in January...... do your best!
Reminder - all students must have paid their band fee to be eligible to audition.  There are still a few students that have not taken care of this.  Shirts will be distributed this week and those students will not get them. 
I'm looking forward to hearing you this week and making our Appling performance groups the best ever!
Mrs. Sanders

Announcements for 10/2 Week

Can't believe this is the last week of the first quarter!  Time has flown by.  We are getting ready for our 6th grade band Meet the Band Night concert Tuesday night and I can't wait for everyone to hear them!  6th grade will have their second required rehearsal Monday 10/2 until 4:00 (bring snack or concession $ and wire stand).  On Tuesday 10/3, meet at Appling at 5:45 for help with equipment or 6:30 at New Hope Christian Church for warm up and the concert starts at 7.  Remember to wear our concert uniform - black bottoms, white shirt (guys wear a tie), and black socks/shoes.  Admission is $2.  
The Veteran's Day group has their first practice this Wednesday 10/4 until 4:00. Please make sure you have looked over your music ahead of time.
All Smart Music assignments are due this Tuesday 10/3 so that I can listen to them and get them in PowerSchool before the end of the nine weeks on Friday.  All groups had assignments due 9/20 and another set of assignments due 10/3.  This is a big part of your grade and responsibility. Take time on these and submit your best.  All-West TN band audition music has now been posted as a tool to help you practice for both All-West and Appling audition music.  
We will have signups in class this week for Appling Honor Band auditions on either 10/16 or 17 and Appling jazz band on 10/18.  Remember that for honor band auditions you must know the first six scales on your scale sheet (C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db) plus the chromatic scale and the marked spots of your All-West music.  For jazz band auditions, you are to know the two jazz pieces Cherry Point and It Is What It Is.
Anyone that is interested in ordering band apparel should turn in orders by this Friday 10/6 before fall break.  Every band student will receive their band shirts after fall break and it is included in your band fee.  This will be worn at our  10/23 black/gold pep rally and 10/24 Open House performance for our 7th and 8th graders.  
I hope everyone has a great week!
Mrs. Sanders

Appling apparel order form

Here is the order form for the band jackets and sweatshirts.  They are embroidered rather than screen printed, so that is why they are a little more expensive.  See other link for pics.  Make sure to factor in personalization and tax.  Checks made payable to Appling Band and due Friday 10/6.


These are the jackets and sweatshirts that we have ordered in past years and several of our students have asked that we make them available again.  These are embroidered rather than screen printed and are available to be personalized with name and/or instrument.  They would make great Christmas presents.  I will attach the order form in a separate link.  Make checks payable to Appling Band and orders are due next Friday October 6.

Appling Band shirt order 2017-2018[4]

Here is a order form for our regular band design that the students voted on.  These will be made available to parents and siblings for t-shirts and we also have long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies available with the design.  Make checks payable to Appling Middle School.  Orders are due next Friday October 6.

Announcements for 9/25 Week

Here is the schedule for this week:
Monday - Brass and Percussion All=West Help session
Tuesday - NOTHING AFTER SCHOOL; 7th and 8th grade band meet between 7/7:10 at Bartlett High School to perform at Appling/Bon Lin football game.  Details listed below
Wednesday - REQUIRED 6th grade band rehearsal - bring wire music stands if you have them.
Thursday - Deadline for Sheet Fundraiser
Friday - Deadline to register online for the Bellevue All-West Workshop
Saturday - All-West Prep Academy 8-12 am (optional but encouraged) - $20
6th graders will be reviewing for our concert on October 3.  They will receive order sheets and more information about the concert and should be reviewing the Morning Tide sheet music, Essential Elements book #17, 18, 23, 24, 25, and 31, and Power Rock music.  
7th grade and 8th grade band will be reviewing pep band music in class on Tuesday,  They will be continuing to sight read music to prepare for the open house concert and should receive new sheet music this week.  They will also continue in book two (7th grade) and book three (8th grade).
Veteran's Day group needs to make sure to practice music for next Wednesday's rehearsal.
If you plan to audition for Appling Jazz band, I have that music to give you.  The music is on Smart Music and you need to use that as a tool to help you learn it.
All classes have new Smart Music assignments that will be due next Tuesday Oct. 3.  Make sure to stay on top of these and spend time on them!
Let's have a great week!
Mrs. Sanders

All-West Midi files Uploaded

The midi file recordings of the All-West TN music are now on my homepage on the bottom far right for each instrument.  Please know that these are performance tempos and are played by a midi keyboard but they are very helpful to you in listening to how each piece is supposed to go.  There will be Smart Music links posted soon so that you can slow things down and isolate parts and be assessed on the music.  

Allwest Prep Academy

There will be an All-West Help Clinic on Saturday September 30 from 8-noon for all instruments except baritone/euphonium.  The cost will be $20 and you can register at this link:  Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn from professionals in the area and learn about the audition process.  

Announcements 9/11 Week

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The 8th graders had a good time at Bartlett High School on Friday night for 8th grade night and got to perform with the BHS band during pregame and then perform with them in the stands and see their halftime show.  It was pretty awesome to hear 280 kids in the stands!  
This week our 6th grade students will be continuing in their book on #26 and following and continue their sheet music as they prepare for the 6th grade Meet the Band night concert on Oct. 3.  7th graders are learning the chromatic scale and finishing up book one (#170 and following) and will start book two at the end of this week.  8th graders will be starting book three this week and should have their books on Tuesday.  Both 7th and 8th grade will be reviewing songs for the football game next Tuesday night Sept. 19 and will start sight-reading some open house music.  
All groups should have their Smart Music accounts set up because you got information sent home on Sept. 1.  You have five songs to submit by the Sept. 20 deadline so please get on that, spend time on it, and only submit your best work.  
6th grade - #12,14,17, 23, and 24
7th grade - #157, 164, 166, 172, and 175
8th grade - #120, 128, 133, 140, and 141
7th/8th grade beginners - #14, 18, 38, 42, and 44
Schedule for this week:
Monday - Brass/Percussion All-West Help session 2:15-4:00
Tuesday - Individual Help Session 2:15-4:00
Wednesday - Woodwind Help Session 2:15-4:00 (plus all French horns - have a helper coming to work with you)
Thursday - Parent/Teacher conferences 3-6 and "Give Back Night" for Appling Band at Pizza Social on Whitten Rd. 4-8 pm
Friday - No school - Teacher Professional Development Day
I hope everyone has a great week!
Mrs. Sanders

Appling Honor Band Auditions

 Appling Honor Band auditions will be the week after fall break.  You will be responsible for learning the chromatic scale in at least one octave (fingering chart in the back of book) and will also be asked two of the first six major scales on your scale sheet - concert C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, and Db (my choice not yours).  These must be memorized.  Speed and/or extra octaves will give extra points.
Students will also be asked the marked sections of their All-West TN band music.  Eventually these will be posted as Smart Music assignments and there will be recordings for you to listen to.  Please use these as a tool when they are available.  Work for correct notes (reminder each song has a different key signature) and rhythms as well as good tone, dynamics, articulation, and strive for close to performance tempo (but accuracy and steadiness is most important)
Flute - m. 6-end of 11, m. 13 - end of 18, m. 31-second note of 38
Oboe - m.3-after first note of 11, m.23 - end of 28, last two notes of 40-end of 46
Bassoon - m.5-end of 13, last note of 24-end of 33, m.37- end of m.42
Clarinet - m.5-after fifth note of 10, last note of m.14-fourth note of m.24, m.35-  
                end of 40
Saxophone - m.1-after 5th note in m.6, last note of 17-end of 23, last note of 33-
                       end of song
Trumpet - m.8-end of 15, m.16- end of 22, m.36-end of song
French Horn - last note of 11-end of 23, m.24-end of 31, m.42-end of song
Trombone - m.3-end of 8, m.16-end of 23, m.35-end of m.45
Baritone - after first note in m.8-end of 15, m.22-end of 28, m.30-end of 35
Tuba - m.5-end of 16, m.21-end of 28, m.35-end of 40
Percussion - Timpani - m.5-12, Marimba - m.21-after first note of 25 plus last 9 notes, Snare - m.43-end of m.48
Work on these slowly and with a metronome and please try to come to the help sessions offered on Mondays and Wednsdays after school.  
Let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Sanders