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Social Studies (Period 5)

Kelly McCormack
7th Grade

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Seventh grade students will explore the social, cultural, geographical, political and technological changes that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire and in Medieval Europe. Students will also study the period from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, including the Islamic world, Africa, China, and Japan, but with a heavier emphasis on western civilization in Europe during the Renaissance and Reformation. Students will compare and contrast the history and geography of civilizations that were developing concurrently throughout these continents during medieval times. They will examine the growth in economic interactions among civilizations as well as the exchange of ideas, beliefs, technologies, and commodities. Students will learn about the resulting spread of Enlightenment philosophies and the examination of new concepts of reasoning toward religion, government, and science that continue to influence our world today. Students will analyze geography’s influence on the development of these civilizations as they continue their study of world history and geography. Seventh grade students will end the year by examining the Meso-American and Andean civilizations, and the age of European explorations. Appropriate informational texts and primary sources will be used in order to deepen the understanding of how these civilizations influence the modern world.

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Social Studies

Students did great on their social studies test today! I am proud!
No homework tonight!

Go Jim Go!

Our School is participating in a fundraiser for Le Bonheur Children's hospital. It is a competition between homerooms to see which class can raise the most money. As of now, our homeroom has raised 12 dollars. Let's give what we can to support this local hospital!! Taking donations until Wednesday of next week. Check or cash! Thanks in advance! :) 

Social Studies Test

Due to guidance taking the place of Social Studies today, I have moved the Arab World Sections 1&2 test to Monday. They have their study guides and vocabulary flashcards to be looking over this weekend! Have a good day off tomorrow :)

Parent/ Student Contract

Parents, all of your students should have brought home a Parent/Student Contract for you both to sign and return to school. In case they have lost it, I am attaching it here.
Please have your students bring these back to their homeroom teachers ASAP!!!

Tuesday Test-Social Studies

 Social Studies:
We will be having our unit test over the Roman Empire on Tuesday! The kids are ready and I look forward to see how they apply their learning! :)
I sent home a study guide over the weekend that we already went over in class! I hope they feel prepared and ready for the test.
Any questions?
Don't hesitate to email me!
-Mrs. McCormack

Student Laptops

Laptop distribution for returning students to Appling will begin on Wednesday.  You can pay online or send in insurance money beginning Monday. I am posting the form for details under my "useful forms and documents" tab. :)
Have a great weekend!