Appling Middle School

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 Monday, November 27 - December 1:
*Journals & Free Reading
*Channel 1 Sentence & Vocabulary Work 
*Collaborative Project Work - 6 Different Projects
      - 2 Essays, 1 Research Project, 1 Narrative, & 2 Critical Analyses of Reading Pieces
***December 1 is our first individual assessment day (vocabulary, Channel 1, sentence work)

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August 14 - 18 Class Information


*Binders need to be ready to go next Monday with your 5 dividers labeled.  

*We will begin free reading and journal writing next Monday, as well.  Be sure to have those ready to go.  

*Beginning this Wednesday, you may check out books from the library before HR in the mornings or at dismissal.  

*We will begin The Outsiders work next Monday.

*We will also begin using laptops next Monday.